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Light Space Marine?

So I got to thinking about some stuff for 40k and a thought crossed my mind.

In Halo there are Spartans, the super armored super soldier that weights a thousand pounds.
Due to the cost of project MJOLNIR the spartan training was halted and a replacement was brought forward...ODST
ODST have the same training as a Spartan and they cost 1/1000th of the price and they are technically expendable as they are easier to train and are mentally stable unlike Spartans.

Is there any way it would be possible in 40k to take a basic soldier and train them like you would a Space Marine (obviously modify training so they don’t die), and give them the same equipment (or a lighter version that is more cost effective) and have them do standard Space Marine patrols and combat at 1/100000?

I just think it would be interesting to see, or if it’s already a thing, make it popular
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Who Ever Made This

Who ever made this obviously doesn't know what they are talking about. Warhammer comes after saying "no" to "play for more than two hours" and doesn't fall under the category of "do you like to spend a lot of money". Found this on Pinterest.
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Mother !!!

I never thought that mom was a wh40k fan
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Windows in space..

Why would you need windows in space on a warship. When you could use more armor and cameras?
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For a mod

Hey, I accidentally reported a comment of mine, in a post from early this month. Not sure if you can see who reported it, but you can ignore it.

This can be deleted later, just wanted to be clear.
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What could I use to make these machines?

Maybe heavily converted tau mechs or sentinels?
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Cadia Stands

Anything I need to read before I start Cadia Stands? Or can I just dive into it?
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Most powerful psykers in lore.

I feel curious about what a really powerful alpha plus level psyker could really do...

We all know the Emperor is the most powerful psyker.

Second one could be either Malcador (lived for thousands of years, took the Emperor's place on the Golden Throne, sent Titan to the Warp...etc.) or Magnus (destroyed an Eldar Titan, sealed a Warp Rift, send his psychic shadow to the other end of the galaxy...).

Eldrad lived millennia beyond the natural lifespan of an Eldar, defeated Abbadon and was a very powerful farseer able to see far futures.

That Esahardon alpha psyker guy controlled hundreds of people as puppets.

The Burning Princess, a low level alpha psyker, burned a cathedral with ten thousand people inside.

That Grey Knight Prognosticar guy could send his mind through the Warp to the far reaches of the galaxy to seek threats against the Imperium, and he could also see the future quite accurately...

Hyperion broke Angron's sword using his mind alone...

We have Hector Rex and Arvan Stern, who both banished powerful Greater Demons.

And then we have Kalgor Draigo, who is just ridiculous...

The Cognoscynths were said to enter the dreams of rulers from their city of psykers, and made them declare wars on each other for funsies...

Alivia Sureka could seal Warp Gates too... not sure if that's very impressive...

Do you remember more examples of powerfu psykers (human or not) and their feats?

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Warhammer 2K


So, if 40K was real (sorry to the more fanatical members lol) what do you suppose the Emperor would be doing in our time? Who would he be posing as?

I think it would be cool him either trying to move the more political hostile areas towards peace as both a politician AND a grunt on the floor, maybe a Merc or security detail trying to protect those vital for peace.

Do you think Chaos would have made an attempt on him or mankind, not in terms of war, plague etc but actual deamon attacks which Emps has had to fight secretly?

This is not about political debate. Think of it as if Black Library were writing a one shot set in modern times, what do you think would happen?
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Infuriating model

This has to be the most annoying model I've ever painted. The chain is a nightmare and just ugghhh
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Specialist space marine

If you were able to choose, what specialist rank would you want in a space marine chapter? Would you want to lead your brothers as their captain? Would you protect their souls as a chaplain? Or would you bring death to enemy leaders as a champion?
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Not using tactical marines as primaris anymore!!!!!

Finished second squad of primaris and venerable dreadnought
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Tau marines???

I know this topic has been brought up before. But could tau steal space marine tech and make it their own?
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Looking for opinions...

Ok, back story...I'm buying st. Celestine as a bday gift for my girl. She don't play, but she reminds me of the living saint in alot of ways, plus this is an extremely personal touch since I'll be putting my time and effort into this.

So what I'm thinking since her fav color is purple is to make the armor purple (I'll post a pic of the purple I'll be using) and doin the wings with a special type of white (again I'll post a pic). Air brushing all that. Then I want to build up her base, I'm thinking of putting her on a knights base. But build it up with cork board, painting it and making it look like a cliff. Using crushed glass to create snowy spots, and using shreaded cotton balls to stimulate clouds. Using a very light blue dry brush on those clouds.

Any other thoughts? Comments or concerns? I really am asking cuz I want this model to be the best I've ever done since it's a gift for her
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Best/Worst Deepstrike Surprise

What is the best/worst way to deepstrike and what is the worst/best surprise units to find behind your lines, and why? Personal choices and objective opinions are both welcome.

Please specify how they're deepstriking.

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