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Living metal

I have necrons but don’t know what it means could any of you help me out
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Kit bashed aspiring champion

Had this guy and wanted more true scale CSM for my killteam. Added bolter in place of axe.
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• 1h

Blackstone Fortress

Just got my hands on 2 boxes. Who else is exited about this game and new models?
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• 2h

What is, death to the false emperor

It's in the abilitys of my death guard but I can't find what it deos can u help?
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• 5h

Removing paint

Is there anyway to remove paint off a model
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• 11h

Would this work?

I was thinking of creating an 11th company for the dark angels full of all the repented fallen. I wanted a new idea but also a way to use my DA with them.
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• 12h

Advices for removing Super Glue Frosting

Hey guys,I might have overdone it a little with how much superglue I used on assembling my model. Is there a permanent way to remove glue grosting? Wetting the area seems to work for some time but Frosting keeps obscuring the details when It dries back again. Any advice would be appreciated:)
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• 14h

Arming my blood angels

So, the basic close combat weapons for SM is the chain sword, well as cool as that is, I'd like some variety. Mainly I'd like to add chain axes...so my two questions are, 1 given the lore and how basically a chain axe is instantly associated with the world eaters and is pretty much a taboo thing for the IOM now, would be ok lore wise for my blood angels to use them? 2 would the rules differ for a chain axe as opposed to chain sword? Or would the stats be the same? I am asking because my codex obviously does not present a option to equip the axe.
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• 17h


Will there be an end to all of this?either the imperium winning and getting what they want " annihilating chaos and becoming the dorminant race in the galaxy" or chaos annihilating the imperium and claiming the materium for itself and shaping it according to their whims.

Any thoughts on this?
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• 19h

Have a Great Thanksgiving Hammerers!

For those Hammerers in the United States, have a great Thanksgiving week. For those of you outside North America, please just have a great week! I will be gone for the next 7-10 days until Monday, November 26, at the earliest. During that time, there will be no wiki updates, no Twitter posts and no Daily Article Updates or news on the app.

I will see you all again soon, and until then, may the Emperor protect!

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• 21h

Logical Upgrades, Expansions, and Repurposing: -Tau

How would you improve their variety of wargear, vehicles (configurations) and uses for their existing hardware?

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• 22h

Pandorax book

Who does Draigo accuse Azrael of taking and for what purpose? I am guessing Epimetheus?
Dark Angel's and their secrets am I right?
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• 23h

Just some random lore questions

1: can eldar exarchs be advisors to a Autarch?
2: tau coldstar battlesuits fly?
3: how would a space marine captain treat a tempestus scion?
3: do tempestus scions have ranks in they're squads? (Commander, sergeant, stuff like that)
4: doese the Imperium have any interest in pre-fall eldar artifacts?
5: terminators can just appear on the battlefield? Also how much stronger is they're power armour in comparison to the standard marine one?
6: how mercy full are the Eldar? Would they ever kill human children / scared civilians?
7: what would the recoil of a boltgun do to a normal human?

That's all!
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• 23h

We're did the Lord of contagion go ?

Seriously I can't find him I wanna get him for my death guard so much were can I get him?
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• 23h


Anyone happen to know where I might find a pdf for Deathwatch , I cant seem to find one.
Or if you have one , could you possibly email it to my google drive? Please and thank you.

Ill give you my email when someone responds.
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Tau vs Primarch

Do you guys think that once more of the Loyalist primarchs return that one of them might go and finish off the Tau? If so which one.
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Black templars on tabletop

Are black templars on tabletop worth it?
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Mixed Chapters


This kind of doesn't matter as I am doing it anyway, but I wanted to get peoples feeling on it.

My homebrew chapter, the Weeping Skulls, are a loyalist chapter who were declared renegade by the Ordo Xenos for what Inquisitor Pious felt was an act of treason when the Chapter saved civilians when order to evacuate the planet.

The Chapter had fought with a Blood Angel squad who had been patrolling the edge of the Veiled Region for around a 100 years with little contact from their Chapter and a Lone Wolf who was looking for a valiant death after losing his squad. The remaining two Blood Angels and the Lone Wolf were declared renegade too. Given the sacrifice the Weeping Skulls had made, the Blood Angels and Lone Wolf doned the power armour of the fallen Weeping Skulls they had fought with out of respect.

Years later, two 10th company squad of scouts were sent to locate the remains of the chapter and assassinate their command. Four White Scars and four Salamanders. But they never returned.

It turned out that these eight scouts, ended up integrated into the Skulls as they saw how the Chapter now existed purely to protect those civilians along the Veiled Region.

My question: is this feasible within the lore?
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Which Chapters Got Primaris Upgrades?

Just as the title implies. Curious as to which Chapters benefitted from the Ultima Founding... I know whole Chapters were created and that the Raven Guard and all the other originals had their numbers boosted but I'm wondering if like the Carcharodons for example got any reinforcements.
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Slavery in the Imperium

I'm sure it exists, i'm not thinking on the so called slaves of the forges and factories but the normal, house slaves. The Realm of Ulrramar is a mixed copy of the ancient greek and roman empire. The latest has a huge amount of slaves for everythin, pitfight, pleasure etc. Is slavery break the Imperial Law?
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