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Anyone Wonder?

Has anyone else ever wondered why the rules are in inches but base and model sizes in millimeters?

Do the rules differ from country to country?
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Gene seed mix ideas

In your opinion what would create the most interesting gene seed mix out of the original 18 legions and you can only mix 2. I'm my opinion iron hands and iron warriors would make a vary interesting one
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My Homebrew Chapter

Name: Scions of Morr

Loyalty: Loyalists

Progenitor: Ultramarines

Colors: Black with Purple and Yellow

Monastery Type: Fortress Monastery

Chapter Master: Markus Ruhmriecher-Führer

Chief Librarian: Günter Wissen-Meister

Master of the Forge: Friedrich Fälscher-Gelernt

Master of Sanctity: Werner Verehrte-Heilige

Chief Apothecary: Klaus Erfahrener- Sanitäter

Battle Cry: Unknown

Matto: "Our lives are the least we owe the Emporer"

Tactics: Heavy reliance on ranged infantry with few melee infantry. Supported by a higher than average number of Dreadnaughts.

Codex Adherency: Slight deviations from the Codex.

Successors: none

Chapter Size: Currently unknown, heavy casualties suffered from Necron Tomb World awakening.

Founding: 18th Founding

Fleet Size: Currently 2 Battle Barges, 5 Strike Cruisers, 9 Rapid Strike Vessels, 30 Thunderhawks

Favored Weapons: No real favoured weapons but there is a dislike of Flamer weapons. As they see flames as something to be used in ceremony and rituals not combat.

Chapter Personality: Zealous believers in the God Emporers divinity. Respectful to the devout but believe actions speak louder than words and those that die in battle in the name of the Emporer are held in the highest esteem no matter of rank, from the newest Imperial Guard Conscript to the mighty Custodes.

Planet Type: 60 to 70 percent of planet covered in marshes and Swamps, the rest mostly plains and hills. Planet has massive store of natural gas.

Navy Notes: A portion of the fleet is usually dedicated to scouring space for battlegrounds the Imperium has fought on and recovering any equipment, relics and sometimes,if found, bodies of Imperial soldiers to be given proper rites. With the crises on thier homeworld most of the fleet has returned home but two Strike Cruisers and three Rapid Strike Vessels are still on this mission.

Troop Notes: The Chapter has since the rise of the Necrons on thier homeworld started to wear trophies of thier fallen foes on thier armour.

Gene Seed Notes: No known mutations are found in thier Gene Seed. Althought there are fewer than average Psykers amongst thier ranks. Also wether it's from thier Gene Seed or Zealous Faith a high number of Astartes have survived thought to be fatal wounds to become Dreadnaughts.

Recruit Requirements: Potential recruits must show unweavering devotion and near fanatical faith in the God Emporer to be considered for initiation into the trials.
Neophytes Trials: The main trial that all Neophytes had to pass was to be dropped on the opposite side of the planet of the Fortress Monestary and groups of ten Neophytes had to make thier way back with nothing given to them but clothes, a combat knife and a canteen, visiting holy sites along the way giving prayers to the God Emporer. With the recent reactivation of the Necrons on Morr this pilgrimage was halted until the planet has been fully retaken.

Monastery Notes: The Fortress Monastery is built around a hill which is called "The Garden" and is used as the Chapters Reclusiam. Under the hill are the Barrows which house fallen heroes of the chapter along with previous Chapter Masters. Further down still if "The Vault" where all recovered relics, equipment, armour etc are kept after being screened for taint or tampering by the Master of Sanctity and Master of the Forge. Outside the entrance to the Vault are two statues crossing swords one being the God Emporer the other being thier Primarch Roboute Guilliman.

Chapter Vehicles: The Chapter has a stock of Land Speeders, Bikes and Transports. A small number of Predators. This Chapter as of now does not use Land Raiders.

Unique Wargear/Vehicles: The Barrow Blade is a treasured Power Sword, the blade is a ghostly green color that almost seems ethereal at times. The blade is the weapon of the Chapter Master and if a new Chapter Master is being chosen it is kept in the Vault. Only one none Chapter Master has wielded this weapon in battle the Catachan "Demolisher" Crowe.

Additional Lore: After thier founding the Chapter won some decisive victories over the Word Bearers. When they learned more of the Word Bearers and how they corrupted the veneration of the God Emporer for the purposes of Chaos they were outraged. After doing so well against the forces of Chaos the Chapter became reckless with zeal, losing a third of thier Chapter, including thier Chapter Master of the time Dieter, pursuing and attacking the Word Bearers. After years of exhausting thier men and resources they were forced to return to thier homeworld and regroup. It was decades before the Chapter could start launching major offesives again. But in that time they had other matters to attend too the new Chapter Master, Jürgen, along with Master of Sanctity Werner put together a team lead by the Second Company Captain Gerhard, they would search the stars for the old and forgotten warzones of the Imperium and recover what they could and preform rites, for they gave all they could for the God Emporer and they deserved to be honoured and remembered, as well returning Imperial tech and equipment back the proper hands. All equipment found was brought back to thier Homeworld and gone over by the Master of Sanctity and the Master of the Forge to assure no corruption has taken place. Most of what is found is sent to Terra or other hub worlds to be re distributed althought some they kept, which is how they got thier squad of Cataphracii Terminators. Gerhard led the expeditions until a disastrous encounter with an Ork WAAAAGH! was after the same battlefield the Chapter was investigating. Gerhard killed the Ork Warboss but at a cost he was more wounds than marine by the end of the encounter but was saved by being enshrined in a Dreadnaught, where he would continue to serve from till this day still scouring the stars. With thier numbers raising again after the defeats at the hands of the Word Bearers they sent out Gerhard once more to the stars on his seemingly eternal mission, and sent most of thier fourth Company escorting a large shipment of equipment and weapons to Terra. The timing could not have been worse. Unbeknownst to the surface humans and Astartes something had been stirring deep underground. An ancient Necron Tomb has been awakening, and now with a sizable portion of the surfaces defenders gone the time was right to rise up. The Necrons began with taking out the planets communications, panic insued amongst the civilians of the planet. The Necrons were oblivious to a single small range signal for help was sent out prior to the destruction of the Communication Array. With the fleet unable to preform an evacuation due to the Necron air forces surfacing, as many as possible were brought to the Fortress Monastery and other defendable loacations. The Necron air forces were no match for the Astartes Fleet coupled with the planets ground to air weapons, aerial superiority was won but the fleet was stretched thin and in need of heavy repairs. The Necrons advance was slow and steady but the planets defneders were dug in and not giving an inch, but unable to take one back aswell. A welcomed sight as Imperial ships were seen decending from orbit. The distress signal had reached a Catachan detechment nearby, who sent out word for help and rushed to give aid themselves. With the added Catachan and news of reinforcements on the way Chapter Master Jürgen sallied forth a group of veteren Astartes and the Catachans and struck out to take back the planet. By the end of thier counter attack less than a tenth of the Imperium forces made it back. Chapter Master Jürgen died in combat with a Necron Lord after dispatching its retinue of Lychguard and severely injuring the Lord itself. A Catachan Sergeant that went by "Demolisher" Crowe was there when Jürgen fell and picked up the fallen Chapter Masters sword and delivered the finishing blow, causing the battered Necron warriors to retreat. The Catachan warrior was rushed back to receive medical attention but was for naught, he died in transit from wounds sustained. The Catachan was given the great honor of being buried withen the Garden along with the heroes of the Chapter. Imperial reinforcements arrieved shortly after the fall of the old Chapter Master and the planet is currently being cleansed of the Necron infestation, the new Chapter Master Markus has been chosen from the few remaining veterans of the Chapter and begins to pick up the pieces and rebuild the Chapter to its former glory.
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A new chapter suggestion

I’ve decided to make a new chapter. Another full on Viking one, a lot of kit bashing. Obviously will have a lot of space wolf type stuff but with out the wolfs traits (like enhanced smell) and werewolf’s (wulfen). Easy enough back story, made it so Crawl wanted to experiment more on curing the mutation in he space wolf gene seed. This allows for the same religious beliefs but lack of wolf into the chapter. Also allows for bringing in the old space marines since he wanted to experiment first with simple marines styles before adding to his precious primaries marines. Calling it the “grand experiment”. What do you guys think?suggestions?
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Christmas list

Now Christmas is fast approaching I need to think about what models I want and if I'm good the choas gods might send reinforcements

Hell Brute
Know no fear
Demon Prince
Plague marine box set
Rhino or plague crawler
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So with the black stone fortress bringing some much needed renegade imperial guard to the game and my recent adventure back into the gaunts ghost stories I'm currently thinking about my next project now my death guard has finished (I'll post pics of the kill team at some point). Currently I'm debating on either a tanith first regiment (made using a mixture of Cadian, catachan and a mix of other bits from sets such as the urlock gang ECT.) And encompassing tanith, vervunhive and belledona (which I've probably spelt wrong) all mixed together. Alternatively I was thinking of using the renegade to and bits from the same sets along with other bits to make them look suitably renegade to make the ship hunters from the latest gaunts ghosts (can't remember their name right now) that are in the beginning of the story. This will be a primarily display army but might be usuable gamewise too. Thoughts?
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• 11h

Oldest Space Marine

Are there any records of the longest living space marine? Who is it and how old were/are they?
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Squat Homebrew...

Anybody have any insight on a squat Homebrew that would work in 8th Ed? My friend's dad is giving me all his old minis and has quite a few squats. They are in rough condition but I am hoping to restore them to their former glory.
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Is my legion too op?

So in all the discussions I've had with friends on " what if our armies fought lore wise, who would come out on top and why? " my legion has come out on top. Most of the time they're fighting space marine chapters and chaos warbands.

My legion is chaos in service to Tzeentch/Nurgle. They have two major gene mutations, the cursed foresight which is the ability to predict the near future with near pin point accuracy, however most of the time visions can be wild and pointless for those not trained to harness it. Eg. A marine could foresee a fly landing on his shoulder pad in two days time.

The other is a physical mutation which causes its victims to gradually change into insect/bird like organisms. Eventually devolving completely, knowing only which is friend and which is foe.

They aren't afraid to use Xeno tech and are actually encouraging it. They use dark magic/Xeno tech to win battles. The legion often uses chemical warfare and large numbers in battle.

The Legion is led by primarch Apollyon, a mechanical daemon prince, forged in unholy Union of rival gods. Apollyon is physically the largest primarch of them all ( seriously I've made him fucking gargantuan) standing taller then reaver Titans. Apollyon has six arms, each with blasphemous weapons. Four of these arms often hug his torso, predominantly using an arm that is infused with a Ta'u ion cannon and the other wielding a tyranids arm as his scythe. ( I'm unsure of the Tyranid Titan units name )

A small force of the dark mech who have their own religious beliefs on the omnisaiya have joined forces for seems to be an indefinite time with Apollyon. Believing he is one of many Omnisaiya's who has transcended both flesh and metal. The dark mech supplies the legion with unique chaos and chaos infused Xeno weapons to fight their foes. This faction of the dark mech ( I haven't got a name yet ) do have a few Titans at their disposal. ( however this is more for the sake of being able to use Titans on the game board )

The whooping warlocks have been at blows with a world of necrons for what seems like hundreds of years now. Studying their ancient texts and how to operate their technology. They have the goal of learning how to infuse a soul into the necron body.

The texts read of the black library and its vast knowledge of chaos, as such the warlocks are now at war with the Eldar attempting to breach the library. Apollyon wishes to become a god himself and dethrone the others.

The legion is numerically the largest due to their vast amount of cultists, traitor guard, etc.
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Where could I catch up on lore?

Ive listened about the lore a lot but feel like im missing out on a lot of exciting events.

The men of iron are back somewhat? Wtf, guilliman has returned??? I don't want to start reading about the horus heresy btw.
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Daily Article Update - Skull Lands War

There is only war. Even beyond the boundaries of sanity.


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Skull Lands War
Skull Lands War Warhammer 40k
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Warhammer - More Than a Game!

In the last few years, Warhammer in all of its incarnations has grown far beyond just the tabletop war game it started as. Now Games Workshop has plans to go further still, making Warhammer available in all kinds of new forms and media, from books, to video games to a freaking coffee shop in Texas! Take a look at how the hobby has grown to encompass millions of new fans.

Let your fellow Hammerers know how you prefer to experience the Warhammer hobby. Was it the tabletop game and the miniatures that brought you in? Was it the video games? Do you play the tabletop game or are you here just for the lore? Are you a 40k fan only or do you want to get your Age of Sigmar on? Let the rest of us know how you like your Warhammer!


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Op-ed: Warhammer Has Outgrown The Tabletop - Bell of Lost Souls
Op-ed: Warhammer Has Outgrown The Tabletop - Bell of Lost Souls Bell of Lost Souls
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• 19h

The Oldest Living Warriors of Warhammer 40k

Here's a look at some of the oldest beings in the universe of Warhammer 40k. The only rule was that each had to have a model and a rule set from the tabletop game. Take a look. Can you think of any others that should be added to the list of the oldest beings in the Warhammer 40k universe? The C'tan Shards come to my mind.


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40K: The Oldest Living Warriors...With Rules - Bell of Lost Souls
40K: The Oldest Living Warriors...With Rules - Bell of Lost Souls Bell of Lost Souls
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Could logar return?

If he does and sees his whole religion across the emperium worshipping the emperor, would he faulter in faith to the chaos gods? What do you think his reaction would be like, including the fact if he meets guilliman.
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Anyone know why in the Astra Militarum Regiments, all the images of the regiment’s soldiers have their heads cut out of the picture?
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Your own lost legion

If it was up to you, how would you imagine the 2nd or 11th legion? i.e. their primarch, name, colors, tactics, etc

For me I imagine another psychic legion like the thousands sons but instead of focusing on offesive attacks they are more defensive or place more emphasis on seeing the future. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/285838-the-lost-and-forgotten-building-the-ii-legion/ I really love this idea

The Lost and Forgotten: Building the II Legion - + WORKS IN PROGRESS +
The Lost and Forgotten: Building the II Legion - + WORKS IN PROGRESS + The Bolter and Chainsword
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Smiling Fishman’s Model Gallery #19

It has been a long while since I painted my Lamenters, so many chaos and xenos models have occupied my time. So i am proud to present Sergeant Sinas (Sin-as). And as always show me your latest project.
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