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How does corruption into Chaos really work?

When you read about the lore, it seems like you can't do anything but pray, work and fight against the Emperor's enemies, or you get corrupted, but, how much of this is propaganda spread by the Ecclesiarchy, the Inquisition and the Adeptus Terra in order to keep people safely corraled? (because they don't trust people to keep themselves pure using their own judgement and common sense).

Let see the several ways somebody can get corrupted, according to official imperial dogma:

1.-You can debase yourself so much you corrupt yourself on your own.

Being too full of murderous hate, or too hungry for pleasure, or too afraid of death can make you vulnerable when some agent of Chaos tries to corrupt you. Also, you are empowering the Chaos Gods with your emotions...

But if being full murderous hate were enough were enough to corrupt you, then all the armies of the Empire would fall spontaneously to Khorne... so I guess expressing the emotions that feed the Chaos Gods can't be enough to corrupt you.

Also... at what point are emotions and feelings powerful enough to feed the Chaos Gods? If a noble keeps Felinoid concubines dressed as french maids or a soldier secretly visits a brothel staffed with prostitutes disguised as Eldar and Tau, are they feeding Slaanesh? And, are they making themselves vulnerable to corruption? Or are they safe unless they do something WAY more hardcore?

2.-You can adopt heretical belief systems.

I guess you lose the protection of the Emperor if you stop believing in him and following the imperial creed... except, for all we know, the Emperor may not be doing anything to protect you, and all that faith does is to strengthen your will against temptation...

But, if you say start praying to Khorne for strength in battle, but without doing anything particularly outrageous (it has been explicitly said that many cultists don't really understand what the Chaos Gods are about and have very naive ideas about them, only realizing the truth when it's too late...)... Is that enough to corrupt you? Will your soul be eaten by Khorne after death? Even if you never ever come close to a daemon or the Warp during your whole life? And what if you are assaulted by some demon of Nurgle of Slaanesh? Will you be more vulnerable to their powers than some regular guy who doesn't pray to Khorne?

What if you are a human who worships Gork and Mork for some reason (people will worship almost anything), and behave exactly like a Khornite (fighting and killing and stuff), except you claim to hate Chaos and daemons? How vulnerable to corruption do you become?

3.-Abusing psyker powers.

We know abusing psyker powers can damage your sanity if you draw more power than you can control, and that daemons can attack you and try to possess you/eat your soul and turn you into a living gate to the Warp... but, just how hopeless are you? If you have a brush with the Warp but avoid being possessed or soul-eaten, are you damned to become daemon fodder some day? Do daemons get their hooks in your soul forever?

4.-Reading daemonic tomes.

Well, if your read Chaos texts you obviously get exposed heretical beliefs, but beyond that... are the ideas and knowledge in those tomes corruptive enough that just reading the books can damn you?

5.-Using daemonic sorcery (like binding daemonhosts) or wielding Chaos weapons (like daemonhost weapons).

Most of those spells and rituals and weapons were purposely made flawed and unsafe, so daemons get to influence you with your powers, or you get exposed to the Warp energies or the daemon you are binding gets to speak to you and plant heretical thoughts in your mind...

But, would it be possible, in theory, to shield yourself against Warp energies and bind a demon so tightly that it can't even speak to you or influence you in any way? I know daemonhost stuff becomes weaker the most safely they are bound, but, could you say, bind a Fury so it does nothing but turning the wheels inside a chainsword or propelling the bolts of a bolter without leaking any Warp stuff out of it?

6.-Being exposed to raw Immaterium energies.

Warp energies can mutate you, and exposure to the Warp can erode your sanity... but, even if you grow a row of brand new buttcheeks along your spine due to Warp mutation and you develop a phobia to spoons and a snail fetish... could your soul still remain safe from spiritual corruption? The Navigators get increasingly more mutated and their sanity eroded due to long exposure to the Warp during their careers, but they don become Chaos pawns... that said, they have been created exactly with that purpose in mind...

7.-Working with or researching heretek technology that manipulates the raw energy of the Warp or even drains power from demons.

I'm calling bullshit on this one. They imply the Empyrean Engineers (who study how to harness raw Empyrean energies and know how to shield themselves against it, and fight against daemons) sometimes become insane eventually, but if your think about it, Warp drives are Immaterium-manipulating tech too, and it is considered safe... So why would people who research how to build similar tech become corrupted?
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