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196th Iotan Gryphonnes





Shock Assault, Punitive Campaigns, Xenos Eradication, High Intensity Warfare



The 196th Iotan Gryphonnes are an elite and renowned Tempestus Scions regiment of the Ordo Tempestus that were wiped out after a failed mission to wipe out Tau Earth Caste personnel on the Sept World of Bork'an, a centre of learning and academia.

Regimental HistoryEdit

In 939.M41, the 196th Iotan Gryphonnes were deployed in their entirety by Lord Commissar Tilenus to the Tau Sept World of Bork'an to target the planet's academic facilities and wipe out every scientist, researcher and student. This would greatly affect the Tau Empire's ability to mass produce prototype weapons and deadly Battlesuits. In the first few hours of the war, the Gryphonnes' Valkyrie-borne attacks were met with great success. However, the Tau's vicious counterattack, spearheaded by experimental Battlesuits and prototype weaponry, quickly overwhelmed the attacking Scions and virtually annihilated the 196th Iotan Gryphonnes. The Earth Caste scientist made good their escape during the battle, putting them out of reach of their would-be assassins. The few surviving Scions requested to be extracted; however, their repeated requests were denied, and soon they were systematically hunted down Bork'an's' vengeful Fire Warriors.

Regimental AppearanceEdit

Regimental ColoursEdit

The regimental colours of the 196th Iotan Gryphonnes are not listed in current Imperial records.

Regimental BadgeEdit

The regimental symbol of the 196th Iotan Gryphonnes is not listed in current Imperial records.


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