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The 9th Iotan Gorgonnes is an elite Tempestus Scions regiment of the Ordo Tempestus that frequently fights alongside the Battle-Sisters of the Order of the Glowing Chalice.

The Tempestus Scions of the 9th Iotan Gorgonnes are an unusual regiment. They frequently are tasked to campaigns alongside the warriors of the Adepta Sororitas -- specifically the Order of the Glowing Chalice -- many of whom originated from the same Schola Progenium facility on Vedill I. The Scions and the Sisters of Battle parted after their Trials of Compliance into the different Adepta of the Imperium, but have since been reunited on the battlefield. Though the Scions have faith only in executing their orders, and little else, the missions in which they are most often engaged are ultimately on behalf of the Ecclesiarchy. Under this unusual sanction from the Ordo Tempestus, the 9th Iotan Gorgonnes continue to display exemplary skill alongside the Order of the Glowing Chalice.

Regimental HistoryEdit

9th Iotan Gorgonnes

Colour Scheme of the 9th Iotan Gorgonnes

Notable CampaignsEdit

  • Defence of Sanctus Lys (Unknown Date) - One of the greatest displays of bravery from the 9th Iotan Gorgonnes was on the Shrine World of Sanctus Lys. After the simultaneous suicide of a blood-cult, packs of Khornate daemons had breached the Warp; Bloodletters swarmed across the planet on a murder-spree, destroying the faithful populace and filling the streets with gore. The Battle-Sisters of the Order of the Glowing Chalice led the world's defence, but were overwhelmed when brass-flanked Juggernauts began rampaging through the streets, crippling their vehicles. The Scions of the 9th Iotan Gorgonnes prevented a more complete atrocity by launching rapid strikes against the daemon cavalry, and by baiting the Lesser Daemons into courtyards filled with waiting Taurox Primes. This freed the warriors of the Adepta Sororitas to purge the rest of the horde, saving the people of Sanctus Lys.

Regimental AppearanceEdit

Regimental ColoursEdit

The Tempestus Scions of the 9th Iotan Gorgonnes primarily wear tan berets and fatigues with green camouflaged Carapace Armour, knee guards, Slate Monitron, and an Omnishield Helm, in lieu of a beret, when in battle.

Regimental BadgeEdit

Originally, the icon borne by the 9th Iotan Gorgonnes showed black jags set upon a white background. However, in honour of their frequent battles alongside the Order of the Glowing Chalice, the symbol has been altered so that it is now set black upon gold.


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