The Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci, ca. 500.M2

The Age of Terra, also sometimes called the Age of Progress in older Imperial texts, is the era of human history between the 1st and 15th Millennia (1 - 14,999 AD) when Mankind advanced from a pre-industrial Iron Age culture to become a star-spanning Fusion Age civilisation. The original reason for numbering the years from this point is because it was believed to be the year of the birth of the ancient religious leader Jesus Christ, which has long been forgotten by humanity, which now possesses only one religion -- a deep faith in the God-Emperor of Mankind and his Imperial Cult. During the long years of the Age of Terra, humanity came to dominate the Earth culturally and technologically. Myriad human civilisations came and went during this long span of now mostly forgotten human history. The Solar System was ultimately colonised once humanity developed the necessary technology to leave the Earth's orbit in the late 2nd Millennium and the early 3rd Millennium. Mankind colonised Mars and lived on the moons of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Advanced fusion and anti-matter propulsion technology was developed that eventually allowed humanity to construct interstellar starships that could colonize other star systems. At the very end of the period in the 15th Millennium and stretching into the next era in human history, the Age of Technology, humanity began to colonise the stars using these sub-light spacecraft. At first only nearby star systems could be reached and the human colonies established on them were required to survive as independent states since they were separated from Earth by up to ten human generations' time of travel. Almost nothing of this period's events is known to current Imperial historians, though it is clear that the Emperor was alive and on Earth throughout this period, disguising his true abilities and immortal nature as he moved from identity to identity, always trying to better the lot of humanity, physically, intellectually and spiritually.


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