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Rune of Craftworld Altansar

Altansar was a small Eldar Craftworld that survived the Fall of the Eldar but was caught in the Eye of Terror, its only escapee being the Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra. Ten thousand Terran years after the homeworld of Maugan Ra was swallowed by the Eye of Terror, Abaddon the Despoiler launched his 13th Black Crusade from within its depths in 999.M41. The nightmarish realm vomited the legions of Chaos into the material universe, leaving a gaping rift between the material universe and that of the Warp. Whilst the Eye was still open, Maugan Ra undertook a perilous quest into its malignant reaches in search of the remains of his people. Maugan Ra eventually found the remains of his Craftworld and guided what was left of it out of the Eye of Terror, and led them against the Forces of Chaos. However, there was no celebration, no welcome from the other Eldar Craftworlds at the return of their lost counterpart. The shadowy Eldar of Altansar were treated with open suspicion and hostility, for it was believed that no Eldar could remain untouched by the predations of Chaos for so many millennia.

Altansar is also known as the sister Craftworld of Ulthwé, due to its close proximity to the Eye of Terror. Altansar's traditional colours are a deep red with black highlights. The world-rune used by Craftworld Altansar is known as the "Broken Chain" -- not only in reference to the escape of Kurnous and Isha from the dungeons of Khaine in the Eldar myth cycles, but also to the shattering of the links that bound Vaul to his anvil. The broken infinity loop above the world-rune has only been adopted by the Craftworld as its new sigil since its narrow escape from an eternity of damnation within the Eye of Terror.


Altansar Guardian

An Altansar Guardian

Altansar was one of the Eldar Craftworlds that survived the Fall of the Eldar race. It rode out the psychic shock waves that destroyed the ancient Eldar empire following the birth of the Chaos God Slaanesh but was subsequently caught in the gravity well of the newborn Warp rift now called the Eye of Terror. Although the Eldar of Altansar struggled valiantly against the encroachment of Chaos, their doom was inevitable, and within five hundred years of the Fall, their Craftworld was swallowed by the Warp. Among the entirety of Altansar's population, only the Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra escaped the Craftworld's consumption by Chaos.

Ten thousand years later in the 41st Millennium, Abaddon the Despoiler emerged from the insane reality of the Eye of Terror, at the head the 13th Black Crusade of the Forces of Chaos. The Chaos Traitor Legions' intrusion into reality left a rift which bridged the material universe and the universe of the Immaterium. Through this opening, Maugan Ra counter-invaded the Eye of Terror to undertake a quest in search of the remains of his people. Leaving a silvered trail of soulfire behind him, Maugan Ra eventually found the remains of his Craftworld. He found that the Eldar of Altansar had indeed survived ten thousand years within the Eye of Terror.

Maugan Ra guided the remnants of his Craftworld out of the Eye and against Abaddon's forces to deny him ultimate victory. However, there was no celebration or welcome from the other Craftworlds. Altansar is regarded with open suspicion and hostility, for the question is asked: how could any Eldar remain untouched by the predations of Chaos for so many millennia?

The 13th Black Crusade

Altansar Guardian2

Eldar Guardian of Craftworld Altansar in combat armed with a Shuriken Catapult

During the 13th Black Crusade, the Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra lead an elite force of Eldar Dark Reapers and Black Guardians from the Craftworld of Ulthwé into the Eye of Terror in search of Altansar. It was during this pilgrimage that he found the Belial Hex System and the Crone World of Belial IV, located deep within the Eye of Terror. Despite several early victories and the aid of the Harlequins, a daemonic counterattack forced the Eldar back. As they reeled from their losses, the Craftworld Altansar drifted into Belial's orbit, proving that it still existed and had survived ten millennia within the Eye of Terror. The Eldar of Altansar then joined their brethren from Ulthwe, defeating the daemonic forces and helping the Eldar to reclaim one of their lost Craftworlds. Maugan Ra then led the Craftworld back through the bridge between the Warp and the material universe, and used his remaining troops to help battle the Forces of Chaos and bring an end to the 13th Black Crusade. Currently Craftworld Altansar is somewhere close to Terra, although how it has managed to get that close to the heart of the Imperium without Imperial retaliation is unknown.


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