The Angels of Pain are a Chaos Space Marine warband of unknown origin and Founding. Nothing is known about this warband except for their raid and destruction of the colony station of Trantarion in the Acteron Sector.


Notable CampaignsEdit

  • The Battle of Trantarion Station (913.998.M41) - Chaos Space Marine renegades belonging to the Angels of Pain warband mounting a raid on Trantarion Station are engaged by Space Marines of the Red Scimitars 4th and 5th companies. In a running battle that lasts several days the renegades are defeated and forced to retreat. As a last act of defiance and vindictiveness, the renegades unleash a barrage of seismic missiles and virus bombs, destroying the colony and rendering the entire planet uninhabitable for centuries.

Warband ApearanceEdit

Warband ColoursEdit

The Angels of Pain warband's colours are not listed in current Imperial records.

Warband BadgeEdit

The Angels of Pain warband's badge is not listed in current Imperial records.


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