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Angels of Vengeance
Angels of Vengeance Livery



Second Founding (31st Millennium)

Successors of

Dark Angels

Successor Chapters





Lion El'Jonson

Chapter Master





Imperium of Man


Black and White

The Angels of Vengeance is a Loyalist Chapter of Space Marines and a Second Founding Successor Chapter of the Dark Angels. It is thus counted amongst the ranks of the Unforgiven Chapters. The deeds of the Angels of Vengeance are even less well-known than those of the other Unforgiven Chapters, for they shun fame and laurels, instead concentrating on their duties to the exclusion of all else. They are a grim and dour organisation, with all of their companies wearing Power Armour of jet black. This is a tribute to the panopoly worn by the original Dark Angels Legion, when they first set out from Terra on the Great Crusade in ca. 800.M30.

The Chapter is wont to become embroiled in battles that other forces would have little hope of winning, and emerging bloodied but victorious. The Angels of Vengeance have willingly suffered horrific casualties in the name of victory -- a result of their absolute refusal to retreat in the face of any foe. The Chapter's very future has been put in jeopardy more than once, beginning with its appalling depletion during the Forgotten Wars. More recently, in the aftermath of the Siege of San Apolis, its losses were so extreme that the Chapter was forced to spend almost a century rebuilding before it could do battle once more.

Chapter HistoryEdit


Angels of Vengeance Chapter Badge

Angels of Vengeance Colour Scheme

Angels of Vengeance Colour Scheme

Though this Chapter's deeds are less well known across the Imperium than those of some others, since it is single-minded in its duties to the point of excluding all else, they are no less heroic than those of its fellow Unforgiven Chapters. The Angels of Vengeance shun fame and laurels even more than the other Dark Angels Successor Chapters. It is said that all of the so-called Unforgiven -- the Dark Angels and their Successor Chapters -- are secretive and obsessive to the point that many other Imperial forces shun their presence and eschew their aid.

The Angels of Vengeance are known for their unrelenting hatred of any enemies of the Imperium of Man, as they constantly seek out the threats of xenos, Heretics and apostates so that they may do battle. Potential allies are often cowed by the Battle-Brothers' cold-blooded determination and icy single-mindedness. The Chapter is so utterly dedicated to its duty that its brethren think or speak of little else. This drive extends beyond a simple devotion to duty, into an all-consuming obsession. The Angels of Vengeance hold little or no regard for the strategies of other forces, relentlessly pursuing their own battle plans regardless of the schemes others might have set in motion. On numerous occasions, this behaviour has led to a battle being won at the expense of an entire campaign, the Angels of Vengeance caring only that their own immediate objectives are obtained regardless of the wider picture.

The Chapter's attitude might long ago have led to it being entirely ostracised by any of the Imperium's armies beside which it might take to the field. This is not the case however, for the Chapter's total devotion has on numerous occasions led to it achieving stunning victories and achieving objectives others have written off as unobtainable. The Chapter's all-consuming dedication to its mission translates into a total rejection of the notion of failure. It is true that the Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes "know no fear", but the Angels of Vengeance are so relentless and stubborn in their approach to battle that they refuse even to re-deploy. Even in the face of overwhelming odds, the Angels of Vengeance fight on, frequently emerging from the fires of battle having sustained enormous losses, but having earned such victories as lesser warriors could only dream of. Other Chapters might regard the Angels of Vengeance as tactically inflexible and stubborn, but none can dispute the roll of battle honours it has earned over the millennia. This Unforgiven Chapter is known to have suffered severe losses on several occasions in the past due to its absolute refusal to accept that any foe is its equal. This stubbornness has put the Chapter's very existence in jeopardy on more than one occasion.

Notable CampaignsEdit

  • The Forgotten Wars (580.M31-632.M32) - During an unspoken period of their history, referred to as the Forgotten Wars, rumours led the Dark Angels, along with three of their Successor Chapters, the Angels of Vengeance, the Angels of Redemption and the Lions Sable, to embark upon a harrowing campaign to track down multiple Fallen. The clues led them through Segmentum Obscurus, deep into the Gothic Sector, and eventually into the Eye of Terror itself. In hindsight it is easy to see that the Ruinous Powers baited the Dark Angels. Only the Dark Angels' irrepressible resolve allowed them to escape, and they paid a high price in casualties. The Lions Sable were completely annihilated. To cover up their immediate losses after their warriors were thought lost to the Warp, the resources of the recruiting world of the Lions Sable -- the ebon orb of Nachwald -- were usurped to replenish the Angels of Vengeance and the Angels of Retribution. The Dark Angels staged a false plasma explosion aboard the Rock to explain their loss of records, for it was decided by the Inner Circle to destroy all records relating to the event. Of the Forgotten Wars, the Dark Angels do not speak, nor has it entered into the apocryphal tales told to their initiates. They have gone to great lengths to ensure all references to that campaign or to the Lions Sable have been stricken from the records available to the Adeptus Terra. Deep in the dungeons of the Rock are secreted the only remaining accounts, and only those of the Inner Circle ever learn of that heroic sacrifice that must forever go untold.
  • The Red Heresy (290-310.M36) - During the Age of Apostasy, the Red Heresy Plague erupts across the Don'lorth Sector, a foreshadowing of the later battles that would become known as The Plague of Unbelief. It is here that the Cult of the Old Gods rises. Agitators and anarchists stir up the hives into open rebellion. Workers in their untold billions are urged by red-robed priests to cast off their shackles, to reject the corpse-god Emperor. The horrific slaughter of all agents of the Adeptus Administratum and Adeptus Ministorum is enough to draw in vast fleets of Imperial armed forces. Seeking a quick way to end the rebellion, the Silver Skulls Chapter deploys en masse in a desperate attempt to kill the leaders behind the rising cult. The hunt is disastrous -- with Drop Pod assaults ambushed and multiple Thunderhawks brought down en route to their objectives. Only the arrival of Dark Angels Deathwing and Ravenwing forces, along with the 3rd Company of the Angels of Vengeance, staves off certain defeat. However, the Silver Skulls observe the Deathwing forsaking the battle in pursuit of a mysterious robed Space Marine, who turns out to be the notorious Fallen known as Cypher. Before Cypher escapes, an Angels of Vengeance Librarian detects several Fallen ensconced within the red-robed hierarchy of the Red Heresy. The Silver Skulls are left to dig themselves out of their own predicament. They do so, but openly condemn the Dark Angels; another formal protest is filed to the High Lords of Terra.
  • Siege of San Apolis (Unknown Date) - During this campaign, the Angels of Vengeance's losses were so severe that they were forced to spend almost a century replenishing their ranks and their gene-seed stocks before being able to actively serve the Emperor and do battle effectively once more.

Chapter OrganisationEdit

The Angels of Vengeance organise themselves along the same lines as the Dark Angels and so are considered to partially comply with the Codex Astartes, though the Angels of Vengeance do not refer to their 1st and 2nd Companies as the Deathwing and Ravenwing.

Deathwatch ServiceEdit

Several Battle-Brothers of the Angels of Vengeance Chapter have stood a vigil of the Long Watch with the Deathwatch in the Jericho Reach, and done so in such a manner as to earn great honour for their Chapter and all of the Unforgiven.

Notable Angels of VengeanceEdit

  • Deathwatch Watch Captain Nhemas - A Deathwatch Watch Captain by the name of Brother Nhemas has served three consecutive vigils in the Jericho Reach. Nhemas has led numerous assaults against the servants of the Ruinous Powers. On one occasion he took to the field to lead a Kill-team deep into the star systems surrounding the Hadex Anomaly, penetrating further in that region of madness and corruption than any others ever have and returned. When the small force emerged, well within the time-frame defined by its mission parameters, debriefing at Watch Fortress Erioch revealed the startling account of what had transpired during the mission. Something about the Hadex Anomaly caused such distortion in the passage of time that to the Kill-team, the mission had lasted for several Terran years. The Battle-Brothers were ragged and haggard, their armour dented and patched and they bore all manner of ad hoc weaponry. What horrors the Battle-Brothers faced deep within the Hadex Anomaly may never be fully described, but it is recorded that it was only by Nhemas' utter refusal to concede defeat that the mission was ultimately a success.

Chapter RelicsEdit

Anmael's Reach

Anmael's Reach

  • Anmael's Reach - During the Jericho Reach's Age of Shadow, many great heroes served the Deathwatch and performed deeds that would have been the basis of legend, had there been any to witness their vigil. One such warrior was Anmael, a Battle-Brother seconded from the Angels of Vengeance. The stubborn drive of his Chapter led him across the Reach in pursuit of countless inhuman foes. Of his last mission, only the Watch Commander and the Chamber of Vigilance know the details, but he was survived by the ornately worked Storm Bolter he bore from his Chapter's vaults. It is said that the Anmael's Reach will suffer no wielder less determined than its first, but its fierce Machine Spirit bolsters the worthy.

Chapter AppearanceEdit

Chapter ColoursEdit

The Power Armour worn by the Angels of Vengeance Chapter is completely black with a white Aquila carved into the chest plate. However, the right knee plate is painted with the Astartes' company marking (as shown, where a 3rd Company Space Marine has a red stripe going diagonally from top left to bottom right). Their ebon armour is a throwback to the original panoply worn by the Dark Angels Legion during the bygone era of the Horus Heresy.

Chapter BadgeEdit

The Angels of Vengeance' Chapter badge is a white skull bearing white, stylised wings, wearing a red hood, centred on a field of black.


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