Animus Speculum 2

An Animus Speculum battle-helm

The Animus Speculum is a unique designed battle-helm that is the Culexus Assassin's primary tool, as well as the apparatus by which these operatives controls control their anti-psyker aura. Packed with sensors and techno-arcane circuitry designed to enhance and help control the Assassin's gifts, the Animus Speculum is an elongated helmet with a stylised skull-shaped faceplate. A bulky apparatus that appears to be an Auspex array is connected to each side of the helmet via thick cables. The entire helmet is, besides its obvious utility, designed to look as monstrous as possible to strike fear into the hearts of the Assassin's enemies. The helmet also acts as a rebreather, and has a sophisticated built-in Auspex system that mimics the abilities of an Omni-scope. Along with these systems, the Animus Speculum possesses other notable functions, including:

  • Psyocculum - The inbuilt Psyocculum allows the Assassin to clearly see individuals and objects obscured by psychic powers.
  • Arcane Eye - This blast of potent negative psychic energy that can be emitted by the Animus Speculum at the Assassin's will inflicts terrible damage on psykers, daemons and psychically active creatures, but causes no damage to purely mundane targets. The Arcane Eye of the Animus Speculum draws much of its power from nearby psykers.


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