Apocalypse Company Renegade

Apocalypse Company Warband Colour Scheme

The Apocalypse Company is a warband of Chaos Space Marines. Their allegiance to a particular Chaos God is unknown, but it is presumed that they worship Chaos in its Undivided form.

Warband AppearanceEdit

Warband ColoursEdit

The Apocalypse Company wears jet-black coloured Power Armour with light green flames.

Warband BadgeEdit

The badge of the Apocalypse Company is a green outline of a locust's head on a black background.


The Apocalypse Company possesses the same badge and colours as the Chaos Space Marine warband called the Bleak Brotherhood. It is unknown whether this is meant to signal that both warbands possess a prior relationship or whether it was just a mistake on the part of Games Workshop.


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