An Eldar Lexicon rune traditionally worn by Asuryan, the Phoenix King, head of the Eldar pantheon of gods as a symbol of the Eldar warrior spirit; it represents the balance between the fury of emotion and the cold surety of skill

Sometimes known as the Phoenix King, Asuryan was the king and the most powerful deity of the pantheon of Eldar gods. He was believed to be the psychic might of the whole universe. While the mythic cycles seem to indicate that he held sway over all the others, he was nevertheless consumed by Slaanesh. He is often depicted in relation to fire and light, his chief symbols. Asuryan is a key player in many of the legendary cycles of Eldar Mythology.

Before the Fall of the Eldar, Asuryan was the second contributor of knowledge to the Eldar, after Kurnous and Isha. Among Asuryan's contributions to the Eldar was the ability to manipulate psychic energy. After he made the barrier separating the Eldar and the gods between the Warp and the material universe, Asuryan's heart was said to be heavy with reluctance. During the Fall, Asuryan was the last of the Eldar deities to be consumed by Slaanesh. Before his comatose imprisonment in Slaanesh's stomach, Asuryan performed one of his greatest acts: binding his psychic might to the Eldar, preventing Slaanesh from absorbing all of his power. The psychic power bound into them by Asuryan brought both boon and bane to the Eldar. Though the Eldar's lifespan and already potent mastery over psychic energies increased following Asuryan's gift, it decreased their fertility, leading the race to begin a slow decline.

Some of the Eldar's greatest Farseers, like Eldrad Ulthran, theorized that when all the Farseers gather together and focus the psychic might granted to their race by Asuryan, they can create and accomplish everything, such as giving shape to Ynnead, or reviving Asuryan himself.


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