Noise Marine Blast Master

A Chaos Space Marine Noise Marine's Blastmaster

The Blastmaster is a heavy Sonic Weapon that when fired focuses a throbbing bass note into an explosive sonic crescendo that can burst eyeballs and rupture internal organs. By varying the frequency of the blast, the effect of the weapon can be altered to produce different effects. The Blastmaster is used alongside the smaller Sonic Blaster weapon. These weapons are employed by Noise Marines and Daemon Engines that serve the Chaos God Slaanesh. The Blastmaster is about the same size as the Astartes man-portable Lascannon, and is wielded with both hands. The weapon is also used by Chaos Sonic Dreadnoughts, where it is mounted upon one of the Dreadnought's weapon arms. The Blastmaster is also used by the Slaanesh Subjugator Daemon Engine during close combat to ensure that its victim cannot fight back while it tears it apart with its Hellslicer Battle Claws. Imperial records do not list any other known users of the Blastmaster, though there probably exist many more.


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