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  • Blueyhale

    Are Chaos Space Marines Delusional?

    I read this in a chaos space marine codex and some novels that the comments from the traitor legionnaires always say that the loyalist are not like the ‘great’ warriors that they fought in the Horus Heresy era, while in that 31st millennia the legionnaires were more numerous and more technologically advanced (and the Mechanicus were not extreme hoarders as their 41st counterparts were but that will be for another comment).

    Despite Chaos Space Marines lose (and sometimes win) to the loyalist Space Marines who are better trained (ATSKNF) and got some new gear and lost some (probably for game balance purposes).  Chaos Space Marines are also shadows of their former glory, mutation is rampant, they are not so nume…

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  • Nuffs

    VS Battles

    May 25, 2015 by Nuffs

    Hello, everyone!

    Can you join it? If you're interested in them, then here you go.

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  • Yourbestfriend77

    Hi i was just wondering how could i contribute to this wikia , if you have any suggestions just leave a link in the comment section or email me at .

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  • Pinkachu

    On May 5th, Independant game developer Hammerfall Publishing announced that Warhammer 40,000:Regicide is now available on Steam Early Access.  Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is a brutal take on one of the greatest turn based strategy games of all time. Regicide fuses multiple phases of combat with dynamic action. Maneuver your army into place and unleash a devastating array of tactical abilities to crush your enemies.

    This information comes directly from the studio:


    Due for release every few weeks after the launch of Early Access, these upcoming content drops will inject plenty of exciting new additions into Warhammer 40,000: Regicide's gameplay.

    These include the full single-player campaign, new Chapters, Clans and …

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  • Blueyhale

    The World Eaters are the only traitor legion that do not use 'Sorcerer' (or Librarians) because Khorne dosen't like psykers that that employ long range attacks and trickery that dishonour the warrior's spirirt (am I correct on this?) but what about astropaths and navigators?  How do they get around galaxy (navigators job) if they sail blind with there ships in the warp and can't communicate with one another (astropaths job) besides voxes (so don't bring that up).  Also Khorne demands psykers to be sacrificed to him.  Then how do the world eaters summon daemons that requires sorcerers (or a word bearer dark apostle; information based on the chaos space marine codexs).

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  • Blueyhale

    Hi guys, just notice someting 'missing' on Warsmith Honsou's profile, about after the Siege of Hydra Cordatus and before his return to the Iron Warrior's daemon homeworld world Medrengard.  Has any read White Dward 275: Gateway from hell battle report? and it was only mentioned twice in the Iron Warriors series.  A secret gateway on the planet Perdictor that the Iron Warriors use but then they had a battle with a black legion warband led by Nechissar a chaos lord (captain) Van Daal but the Iron Warriors won anyway, so should the Gateway from Hell be cannon or not?

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  • Messenger of the Lion

    Please, enjoy and post any questions and/or thanks! 😀

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  • Kottadragon

    For da badges!!!

    April 18, 2015 by Kottadragon

    This is for the badge Badges for days son!!!!!!!!

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  • Messenger of the Lion

    For all those BADASS BROTHERS IN ARMS OF THE ANGRY MARINES I would like to say...........



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  • Messenger of the Lion

    Ha! I get a badge for this!

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  • LEONIDAS 666

    Hello fellow 40K gamers.

    I have tried to run several recruitment drives in the correct place with no results.

    This is a recruitment drive far a Warhammer 40K themed Clan on the Video game, Destiny.

    I have a one man opperation by the name of Caliban's Dark Angels.

    It is a Xbox based group.

    I go by the name of AMUNUNRAMA

    so if you are interested try to find me on the right area on Bungi or leave the apropriate details in the comments section.

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  • Blitz, the Storm Striker

    Greetings, friends.

    We gather here to share our knowledge and experience with others. I wish we could all share our favorite game moments in the comment section! (Mine was deathballing with Assault Marines and Death Company (not even Ghazkull could stand up to the crimson tide))

    Blitz, the Storm Striker (talk) 19:33, March 23, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Emperor of mankind 22

    Many would argue that humanity has no place in the universe let alone should it be allowed to control all universe under one ruler. I say otherwise, for it is man's destiny to attain the stars and behold as the wonders of the omniverse unfold before him. This is a messege to every  superhero,soldier,officer,monarch,politisian, humans from all walks of society and the omniverse at large unite! Other races will have you belive that you are sinful,imperfect,weak and shamful. Tell them we are blessed,holy and powerful. Poin your fellow humans across the universe at the wonders of man, how together we can creat miracles. Tell them unity and brotherhood instead of division. Teach them strangth and honor in thier humanity instead of shame. Show t…

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  • Blueyhale

    Hi, I have been reading 40k novels and codex's for some time, that I have been bugging me for some time is the traitor legions fortress monasteries, you know the loyalist legions (later chapters) have fortress monasteries that have names (except the blood angels I think) but the traitor legions names of there fortress monasteries are never mentioned (unless I missed something) or do they even have one? 

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  • Emperor of mankind 22

    HI, this is goig to be a one shot humans stomp everything fanfic.

    YOU HAVE BEAN WARNED!!!!!!                                                    THE IMPERIUM REBORN  Enough, the emperor has had enough,long has he watched his imperium decay and wither without his guiding hand but now no more will he witness his beloved species be destroyed by alien,herteics,mutants and from humanity itselfe.Now is the time to ascend to be the ultimate ruler and protector of all under his riegn for this, the ONE ABOVE ALL must be destroyed along with the living tribeunual. After the destruction of the ONE ABOVE ALL and gaining unrestraind access to the omniverse, the emperor set about to unite humanity across his soon to be vast domain, using his new found pow…

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  • Neithan02

    I Recently stumbled accross this :

    used as "march of tanith_" on youtube but meh.. just imagine, rough riders from tanith .. it owuld fit the culture

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  • Agent Shark

    Day 1 crash Land

    February 25, 2015 by Agent Shark

    Day1 I am Jacob "Agent Shark" Rust I am the Commanding officer of the UNSC Vendetta There is only two survivors my self and Spartan B265 we where in space combat when we where sucked into a portal and we crashed landed on Desert planet we have called our crash sight ground zero. we are trying to get our coms back online but a sand storm is coming and something in the air it smells of blood and rotten flesh my nose is going crazy. not even my ai knows where we are. I have to cut the log short because we need to set up a defensive line to hold our ground

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  • Neithan02


    February 23, 2015 by Neithan02

    just saying

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  • ZiXIS

    As you all may know, I am a big fan of the Inquisition! Thus, I will sooner or later add articles regarding the Inquisition and its enemies:

    • Anteanism
    • Brotherhood of the Horned Darkness
    • Logicians
    • Menagerie
    • Murder Room
    • Night Cult
    • Temple Tendency
    • Pale Throng
    • Pilgrims of Hayte
    • Stigmartus

    • Amaranthine Syndicate
    • Beast House
    • Cold Trade
    • Cryptos
    • Kasballica Mission

    • Amalathians
    • Monodominants
    • Thorians

    • Istvaanians
    • Libricar
    • Phaenonites
    • Recongregators
    • Ocularians
    • Oblationists
    • Xanthites

    • Polypsykana
    • Seculos Attendous
    • Xeno Hybris
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  • DANNYD99

    I'm back...

    February 11, 2015 by DANNYD99

    Well, its been quite a while, but I'm back. I may not be out of the hospital, but since I have use of my arms again, I can finally type again. 

    So... with things as it is, I'm putting the current RP on hold until at least a few players are willing to come back to it, OR we settle for a much different reboot.

    What I mean is something much dfferent from the way I've been doing things. See, it seems that creating these great battles between great armies isn't going anywhere at the moment. So as a change of pace, instead of great armies and huge battles, I was thinking something on a much smaller scale.

    This came to me when I realized that no single force could oppose vulture's forces... This was very clear in the Realms of Chaos campagin, where …

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  • TheChickenHouse


    February 2, 2015 by TheChickenHouse

    Lalalalala posting a blog to get the wikia achievement lalalalala

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  • ImperialFist31

    Factions I like

    January 3, 2015 by ImperialFist31

    I really like the Imperial of Man, Eldar and Necron factions. I personally favor to focus on a few factions, rather than cover them all. 

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  • WsU

    "What is good verus Fallen Angel? A lot of heavy bolters...."

    Captain WsU

    They're best of the best. Dark angels squad who fight in heresy, the best in fight with fallens. Now they follow Cypher in Etrnal Crusade !

    Short i look poeple who want role play dark angel squad in eternal crusade mmo game. Look at me on chat. ;)

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  • ImperialFist31

    42nd Millenium

    November 24, 2014 by ImperialFist31

    Is there any more information on the 42nd Millenia. Because honestly I've been dying to have Games Workshop to expand the Universe. Is there anyone else that shares my idea?  ImperialFist31 (talk) 18:47, November 24, 2014 (UTC)ImperialFist31

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  • ZiXIS

    RP Army Guideline

    October 27, 2014 by ZiXIS

    So... I was thinking about all these rps that I was participating in, saw some flaws and thought to myself... what would make a balanced RP? And now I have come with a number of suggestions that will make an RP a much more balanced and fun interaction. I will divide the rules into a several groups.

    Your Characters: So we all know that any army need a leader and a group of his retinues. This is the first priority when creating a fanon army(in my opinion). If you don't want to create your own characters/army, then you can just choose one of the cannon armies and there characters. So first thing we need is a name, if you want to have an original character, then you will have to think harder about your character's name. When you done with namin…

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  • ZiXIS

    The Coven of the Deviant Seal

    October 18, 2014 by ZiXIS

    Ok, so I had a little change of mind, and I thought to make a Dark Eldar Haemonculi Coven. I did it because I was finding difficulties with creating a Corsair Warhost. Took a lot of time to name my Corsair Prince and his Bloodsworn and etc... after a while I have realised that I was still unsatisfied with my Fanon Faction, so I thought a little bit and decided to make a Fanon Haemonculi Coven. This will be more interesting and satisfying for me.

    So I present to you my Dark Eldar Faction- The Coven of the Deviant Seal.

    The Coven was created 3000 thousands Terran years before the Fall of the Eldars, during the time when the Pleasure Cults began to rise. It is rumored that the Coven was formed in the Dark underground tunnels of Commorragh, wher…

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  • MasterofAgony693

    A few users around here have been inquiring about the Kabal I have painted and use in tabletop games, so I thought I'd post some info on it here.

    Name: Kabal of The Eternal Malice

    Current Archon: Lord Ahrizek Bosheit

    Founded: exact date unknown, 1500-2000 years after the Fall.

    Colors: Black, Dark Green

    Symbol: Monomolecular blade jammed into a (presumably human) brain.

    Size: Around 6,660 Warriors, Scourges, Hellions, various xenos mercenaries, and Mandrakes (Some realspace raids include Wyches and Incubi)

    Although hardly anything is known about this Kabal to Imperial officials. They are one of the most silent Kabals in Commorragh, although many Archons of rival Kabals have found themselves overthrown due to a scheme unleashed by the Kabal. They a…

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  • WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw

    "This category contains all pages related to the most significant and tumultuous historical events in Imperial history experienced by the Imperium of Mankind."

    as the above statement is the description of "Imperial History" i was wondering if any one with a little more salt on this Wiki would help with individual examples.

    1. Fenris: (Home planet of an original Legion of Space Marines + Events involving Primarchs in Post Horus Heresy Events Magnus the Red/The Battle for the Fang (742.M32)

    2. All "Birth Planets" of Space Marine Legions, one way or another?

    3. Bolters (been part of every event in Serious Events)

    thats about it, sorry its a short blog, it felt like it would be larger, but im in the thought that most every one on this Wiki understa…

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  • WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw

    Greetings fellow Warhammer 40K Fans! So I was looking at the Cadain Shock Troopers page when I saw under the additional gear list something to the effect of 2 clips of autopistol ammo.

    So they question lay in Wiki Proper structuring... are we verbatim Copying WH40K print, even with the error of terms?

    to save you from looking up the terms (dont worry, when i was a younger man i did not know my self) A Clip is a metal length that holds rounds in place, a Magazine is a container to feed rounds into a weapon.

    Below are links to Wikipedia ICO my barbaric text, lack of proper english, and blunt terminology just does not convey the information correctly.


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  • Algrim Whitefang

    Well 40K Fanon folks everywhere, as promised, I now present to you, the ANGRY MARINES!!! WARNING: Adult content and language. If you have a weak constitution or are easily offended...DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    ANGRY MARINES! ALWAYS ANGRY! ALL THE TIME! SCREAM IT YOU COCKSUCKING ULTRAMARINE LOVING COCKBITE! What would happen if fanboys could somehow form their own chapter of Space Marines and express how they (justifiably) feel towards those parts of the canon that are utter shit?

    The result would be the Angry Marines. The Angry Marines are a popular homebrew Chapter of Space Marines, and by far the most famous homebrew to gain fame outside the realm of 40K. They are angry for the Emprah and skittles. All the time. Angry Marin…

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  • WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw

    Greeting fellow fans of WH40K! Today will be the first of many questions that...ahem, forgive my pun... been "nailed" to my mind over the last few years... the big obvious ones. Here is the first (of what I hope is many).

    Forward: I will often refer to "The Emperor" by Sigular idents "HE, HIM, HIS...ext, ext"

    Angron's Butcher's Nails: Why did The Emperor not personally get involved in the removal of the Implant? 

    Its a very simple question, (all the best questions are IMO) that I feel The Emperor could have solved if HE got involved. For Refenerencing purposes i have taken the "Angron's Secret" Paragraphs and brought them to this Blog for easy reference.

    When Angron was teleported away by the Emperor from Nuceria he was examined aboard the Adama…

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  • Neithan02

    1. horus rising
    2. false gods
    3. galaxy in flames
    4. flight of the eisenstein
    5. fulgrim
    6. descent of angels
    7. legion
    8. battle for the abyss
    9. mechanicum
    10. tales of heresy
    11. fallen angels
    12. a thousand sons
    13. nemesis
    14. first heretic
    15. prospero burns
    16. age of darkness
    17. the outcast dead
    18. deliverance lost
    19. know no fear
    20. the primarchs
    21. fear to tread
    22. shadows of treachery
    23. angel exterminatus
    24. lightning tower & dark king
    25. army of one
    26. extinction
    27. aurelian
    28. promethjean sun
    29. kaban project
    30. nemesis
    31. death of s silversmith
    32. angron
    33. brothers of the storm
    34. corax soulforge
    35. dark heart
    36. gates of terra
    37. distant echo of old night
    38. lost sons
    39. kryptos
    40. the unremembered empire
    41. vulcan lives
    42. mark of calth
    43. betrayer

    Dark Apostle

    Dark Disciple

    Dark Creed

    Savage Scars

    The Hunt for Voldorius

    Fire caste

    Fire warrior

    shadowsun last of kiru's line

    Assault on Black Reach

    Fall of D…

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  • General patton 101

    i realise that there have been back lashes against me and my blog and as i keep  saying i have been reworking it and seeking help.

    i have reduced the numbers to canon and the organisation etc still need work but there getting within canon

    and id like to know specifics about my blog just dont hate altogether, i want this blog to succeed into the regiemnt i soley desighned it for

    and i am aware of the canon issues i am trying to address them but theres nothing specific to help me so its taking time and it will stay in my blog as i have nowhere else to put it.

    if admins mods etc are reading this , i am addressing every problem in trying to solve all the  wrong things and hope you dont ban me from this wiki as i am trying to fix everything and to …

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  • General patton 101


    August 28, 2014 by General patton 101


    recruitment and join n.n

    and another if you wish to join this one owned by another

    40k forever

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  • Bakonznator

    Hey I'm looking to create a space marine chapter but I can't figure what to do any advice?

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  • Boradzombiecreeper4

    (I don't own the Angry Marines, I'm writing this blog for non-canon reasons.)

    Angry Marines are non-canon Chapter who are shown to be very angry and foul mouthed.

    The Angry Marines are basically a meme from 4chan as an extreme Space Marine chapter, most pictures show the using "non-conventional" weapons such as a rocket launcher that launches Angry Marines. Angry Marines are represented holding their middle finger and violent.

    Their banner is usually an angry yellow face with swear words and other words on it or it is the "This is Sparta!!!" Meme.

    They appear in the Dark Crusade mod "Firestorm over Kronus.

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  • Boradzombiecreeper4

    When the Eldar fell due to the birth of Slaanesh, it seems odd on how the Eldar's pride became their bane. When the Eldar pursued their pleasures they were making a power in the warp powerful, Slaanesh is the Daemon god of pleasure and pride.

    Most Daemons can bend someone's mind and this power that became Slaanesh could have been powerful enough to bend most Eldars mind to live their lives of decadence to make Slaanesh be able to form. What I think is Slaanesh manipulated the Eldar into giving Slaanesh the power to form!

    Hopefully, this'll make sense.

    See what you think.

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  • Boradzombiecreeper4

    There is no Knowledge of the origins of the Blood Ravens, but I think it's possible that the Blood Ravens are successors of the Thousands Sons.

    Point one: The Thousand Sons and the Blood Ravens have a lot of Psykers and the Libarians in both were in high regard, as the Primarch of the Thousand Sons and the Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens were psykers.

    Point two: The Thousand Sons and the Blood Ravens both want to find hidden knowledge such as Ahriman's quest for the Black Libary and the Blood Ravens quest for their origins.

    It's possible that the knowledge found on Kronos during the events of Dark Crusade and which was destroyed by the Blood Raven was that they were descended from the Thousand Sons.

    These points are highly plausible due to …

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  • General patton 101


    doing it all from scratch

    '  note:none of of this really happened in 40k not really happened its just out my own game play and knowledge(hope its allowed) and i acknowledge the pictures arnt mine they blong to the people who created them an trade marked them  i am just using them. 


    101st  ghosts

    home world-cylurious deadland

    commander is governor general patton

    total 101st ghost personnel

    • 90,000 men/women(at the end of the 101sts training an waiting)
    • 70kasrkins ghost  elite veterans


    • 8'000 vehicles of almost  every type
    • 2000 val…

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  • HeavyHAND


    July 17, 2014 by HeavyHAND


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  • CaptainAndrath

    Since the original thread reached it's limit, I'm starting a new one. Here ya go.

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  • Reinno

    Achievement Time

    June 26, 2014 by Reinno

    Bored...........nothing to try to earn some wiki badges....................

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  • Arickugelmeistr

    First ever blog! Very excited to try to contribute to this great wiki.

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  • AngeliclyAwesome123


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  • CaptainAndrath

    The name says it all. Just a little poll to see what the most favoured novel series is.

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  • Chaffeen

    Random equipment

    June 5, 2014 by Chaffeen

    Power Sword x4 link

    Artificer Armor xentire team. Mark VIII 2xjump packs. 4x cameolines. 

    Heavy bolter. Fire selector. both Kraken and Hellfire rounds. Backpack ammo supply clips onto current power armor backpack. 

    Full reload of ammo. 

    Ask if needing something else.

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  • Algrim Whitefang

    So, have you ever wondered what really happened after the Horus Heresy failed? Well fear not! For I possess a rare transcription of the alleged conversation that took place amongst the Traitor Legions as to what actions they should take after epically failing during the Siege of Terra. (The following is considered apocryphal and quite silly! I take no credit for creating this..only lucked out and stumbled upon it in some lost, dusty old Inquisitorial archive somewhere):

    "Dude, Horus just croaked. What now?"

    Abaddon re-tied his topknot. He totally had an idea. "I totally have an idea," he said. The Traitor Legions looked on expectantly. "Here's what we do. We run away."

    Many helmed heads nodded. This seemed a wise course of action.

    "Good idea,"…

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  • Chaffeen

    Rough Ideas for GM RP

    April 19, 2014 by Chaffeen

    All players will be 50 year old space marines. (They've been a space marine for 50 years.)

    Players will be equipped with the standard Mark VII armor, you may choose not to wear your helmet. :D

    They will all start with a Chain-sword and Standard Bolter.

    May upgrade to Assault Marine, Devastator, Scout, Apothecary, Chaplain, Librarian.  (Player will have the standard loadout for their character.) [Also, as most marines are only trusted with the non standard equipment after they will need to have a background. I need to know what they have accomplished to be trusted with this wargear.]

    Players will be allowed to create background, however this is not a requirement. If you choose not to make the history of your character, I will create one for you…

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  • Chaffeen

    Wolf Lord Golbjorn (The Tidal Wave)

    Equipped with Artificer Armor

    Utilizes Frost Blade and Master Crafted Bolter

    Golbjorn moved through the ranks quickly, as he uses a small force to maximum effect.

    Golbjorn is a brilliant tactitian (for a Space Wolf), he believes there is no useful blade with out an intelligent person behind it.

    Golbjorn utilizes guerilla and hit and run warfare more than usual for a Space Wolf.

    Golbjorn has actually taken the time (50 years) to read the Codex Astartes and understands the book completely, while he sees the effectiveness of the normal Space Wolf mentality (Noted Above) He tends to lead his foes into traps.

    Golbjorn leaves as little trace of himself and his forces as he can, minimalizing and pursuit, he does this …

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  • DANNYD99

    So... been a while since I actually did this... but who cares...

    Anyway, Like the title, This is the Schedule for my own planned RPs. I will be taking a long break from playing as my main army, The Sentinels of War, for a spin off campaign and two main ones.

    Why? Because the senintels have lost nearly 6000 men (Over the Secrets of thelican (around 2000) and Ransacking the dark city (presently around 3500) campaings) and I really need to build them back up to strength... Especially with What I have planned.

    As many of you have probably figured out, (due to a leaked document that a certian 'someone' decided to post...) Vulture is going to begin his second invasion. However, their are two campaigns before we get to that point, which take place o…

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