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A Blood Reaper of Khorne

The Blood Reaper is a Daemon Engine used by the Forces of Chaos that is completely dedicated to the service of the Chaos God of war and bloodshed, Khorne. The Blood Reaper is a large, towering Daemon Engine that is literally bristling with weapons. The machine is armed with a battery of four Tower Guns mounted upon its central tower, and these weapons blaze with continuous salvos of destruction and the two heavier uppermost cannons, known as Skull Cannons, can blast apart armoured vehicles with contemptuous ease. Any opponent that is lucky enough to survive the Blood Reaper's withering salvos of heavy munitions is overrun and impaled upon the vehicle's mighty scythes or crushed beneath its giant wheels of death. While in combat Blood Reapers ofter rumble steadily forwards over a broad front, leaving behind them a trail of smashed and blasted remnants in their wake.


  • White Dwarf 164 (UK), "Space Marine: Daemon Engines of Khorne," by Andy Chambers, pg. 18

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