Canis Wolfborn model

Canis Wolfborn and his Fenrisian Wolf Fangir charge into battle

Canis Wolfborn is a Space Marine of the Space Wolves Chapter and a loner, a warrior who is more at home in the company of wolves than men. Though he is a member of the Wolf Guard of Harald Deathwolf, Canis Wolfborn's story is utterly different from those of his peers, and his prowess in combat is unmatched.


Legend tells how Canis Wolfborn was raised among the wolves of Fenris, learning to hunt and fight alongside them. They recount how he overpowered Jorek the Giant, a Space Wolf Initiate, who stumbled across Canis' adoptive wolf pack while upon his Lone Hunt. Not only did Canis best Jorek in personal combat, but he dragged his battered form back to The Fang and howled his defiance at the great gates until Harald Deathwolf answered his challenge.

Though Harald bested Canis in the fight that ensued, he saw in this savage and feral youth a kindred spirit. Since then, Canis has risen to his birthright as a Space Wolf and Harald's personal champion. Riding atop the monstrous bulk of the Thunderwolf, Fangir, Canis is a whirlwind of feral rage, a frenzied killing machine capable of hacking apart entire squads of the enemy in a welter of blood and gore. Though his brothers within the Wolf Guard of Harald Deathwolf gently mock their pack brother Canis and his unusual heritage, their humour conceals a heartfelt respect. Canis has courage and strength beyond measure and despite his feral nature (or perhaps because of it) all are honoured to call him Battle-Brother.


  • Power Armour
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Frag and Krak Grenades
  • Power Weapon
  • Wolf Claws
  • Wolftooth Necklace
  • Wolf Amulet
  • Fangir - This Thunderwolf, colossal and impressively ferocious even by Fenrisian Wolves standards, is Canis Wolfborn's faithful companion and steed. Canis prefers Fangir's company to that of his fellow Astartes, so close is their pack-bond, and their combined aptitude for destructive rampage in close quarters is legendary amongst the Space Wolves.


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  • Curse of the Wulfen (Novella) by David Annandale

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