The Carmine Blades is a Loyalist Space Marine Successor Chapter of the Blood Angels, created during an unknown Founding. Hailing from the Feral World of Haldroth, this Chapter was originally named the Swords of Haldroth. Indeed, the Carmine Blades is a Chapter who passed, perhaps accidentally, as descendants of the Ultramarines Legion for a considerable time, until a chance meeting with High Chaplain Astorath the Grim in the late 41st Millennium revealed the truth behind its origins. The Carmine Blades had at last an answer for the strange symptoms that they had worked so hard to conceal from those around them -- they now had a name for the Red Thirst and Black Rage that they had hitherto been unable to explain. Created as they were from the Blood Angels' gene-seed, these genetic flaws inherited from Sanguinius greatly afflicted the Carmine Blades like many of the Blood Angels' contemporary Successor Chapters founded in later centuries.

Chapter HistoryEdit

CB Colour Scheme

Carmine Blades Chapter Colour Scheme

The Carmine Blades were not recognised as successors of the Blood Angels until late M41. Indeed, the Chapter was originally named the Swords of Haldroth after its feral recruiting world. The Astartes of this Chapter had long suffered from what they called the "blood-curse", but had hidden their flaw from prying eyes for fear of Inquisitorial sanction. Officially they were recorded as successors of the Ultramarines. It is unclear whether this came about as a result of an error within the Administratum, or an intentional ruse put in place by the Chapter's leaders in ages past. Whatever the truth, the Chapter's real heritage was revealed during a chance meeting with High Chaplain Astorath of the Blood Angels, as he was drawn instinctively to where the "cursed brothers" were interred. On that day the fate of the Chapter was irrevocably changed, its true identity revealed to all. Renamed the Carmine Blades, these successors have accepted the Blood Angels' traditions only grudgingly. Their newly formed order of Sanguinary Priests still struggles to curb the worst excesses of the Chapter's inherited warrior culture. Ritual scarification and the flaying of captured foes are still widespread problems. Still, the Carmine Blades have proved resilient and resourceful successors.

Notable Carmine BladesEdit

Chapter AppearanceEdit

Chapter ColoursEdit

CB Astartes

A Carmine Blades Astartes of the 3rd Tactical Squad of an unknown company

The Carmine Blades' Power Armours are painted carnelian red with bone white helmet and trim on the autoreactive shoulder guards.

The Carmine Blades' company markings differ from those outlined by the Codex Astartes in utilising symbols on the right shoulder plate instead of different colored trim and numbers. Only in special cases does the Chapter badge not appear on the left shoulder plate. The following is a list of how each Company represents itself:

  • 1st Company (Veteran): A white skull over red background on the right shoulder plate. On Terminator Armour, the left shoulder plate shows the First Company's specific heraldry, the right shoulder guard displays the Chapter badge in black (yellow for Sergeants).
  • 2nd Company (Battle): A single yellow blood drop.
  • 3rd Company (Battle): A single white blood drop.
  • 4th Company (Battle): A single green blood drop.
  • 5th Company (Battle): A single black blood drop.
  • 6th Company (Reserve Tactical): Twin yellow blood drops, side by side.
  • 7th Company (Reserve Tactical): Twin white blood drops, side by side.
  • 8th Company (Reserve Assault): Twin green blood drops, side by side.
  • 9th Company (Reserve Devastator): Twin black blood drops, side by side.
  • 10th Company (Scout Marines): The Blood Angels' Scout Company wears a black skull on the right shoulder plate, and the Chapter badge on the left.
Squad Markings

Carmine Blades squad markings, commonly displayed on the right knee plate; the numbers above correspond to each squad within a company (1st-10th)

Unlike other Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, the Carmine Blades' squad markings comprise a single symbol worn on the right knee plate of their Power Armour:

  • 1st Squad: A white skull on a black background.
  • 2nd Squad: A white skull on a blue background.
  • 3rd Squad: A red blood drop on a yellow background.
  • 4th Squad: A red blood drop on a black background.
  • 5th Squad: A white X on a black background.
  • 6th Squad: A white X on a blue background.
  • 7th Squad: A yellow lightning bolt on a black background.
  • 8th Squad: A black lightning bolt on a yellow background.
  • 9th Squad: A yellow angelic wing on a black background.
  • 10th Squad: A black angelic wing on a yellow background.

Chapter BadgeEdit

The Carmine Blades' Chapter badge is a large white skull, the top removed, which resembles a Blood Chalice. Three large drops of blood are centred above the skull. Presented to the Blood Angels long ago by its Primarch, the first Blood Chalices were said to have contained the very essence of Sanguinius himself. Lost through war and catastrophe over the centuries, only a handful of Blood Chalices now remain and they are only entrusted to the most faithful and deserving members of the Chapter. The use of such a potent symbol is appropriate, and more than likely represents that the Carmine Blades also contain the very essence of their fallen Primarch.


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