"Spitting boiling blood as hot as lava, the Cauldron rumbled into our ranks cutting down tens of Guardsmen within the bloody embrace of its powerful, almost daemonic, jaws. We only managed to blow a wheel off the thing before its slaughter came to an end as the machine railed against its inability to move!"

A Cauldron of Blood, Daemon Engine of Khorne

The Cauldron of Blood is a Daemon Engine used by the Forces of Chaos that is completely dedicated to the service of the Chaos God of war and bloodshed, Khorne. The Cauldron of Blood rumbles into combat as an embodied testament to the Blood God's murderous ideals. The vehicle is a Daemon Engine capable of operating on its own accord when the possessing daemon spirit takes control, but also makes use of a crew of Chaos Cultists loyal only to Khorne. The machine features a massive cauldron located on the top of the vehicle that is filled with the boiling blood of Khorne's enemies. This blood is fired forth from a weapon on the front of the vehicle known as a Blood Cannon. The boiling blood is as hot as bubbling lava and capable of turning both infantry and vehicles into piles of slag. The Cauldron of Blood also features a front-mounted Power Weapon known as a Death Jaw that is capable of cutting foes that get too close to bloody pieces, after which the daemonic machine's massive wheels will crush whatever remains.


  • White Dwarf Magazine 148 (UK), "Space Marine - Daemons & Chaos War Machines" by Andy Chambers & Rick Priestley, pp. 23, 25

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