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Chaos Android

Chaos Androids

The Chaos Android is a daemonically-possessed automaton fabricated by Chaos Squats. Within each construct is bound the essence of a Daemon, who provides the animus of these shining plasteel skeletons. They are forced to obey any command given to them by their mortal masters, but go out of their way to interpret any given order as they see fit, in order to undermine it.


A Chaos Android is a shining skeleton of hardened plasteel. Its cunning construction is a secret known only to certain tainted Chaos Squat fabricators working in league with other Chaos renegades. Each android contains a tiny bound Daemon, an animating spirit imprisoned within its plasteel shell by the conjurations of a Chaos Sorcerer. The contained daemon hates being trapped in this way and will do anything to escape, but is bound to obey any direct order it is given. The daemon will always try to interpret any command in as perverse a way as possible in order to avoid doing what it is supposed to.


The Chaos Androids are obvious pre-cursors to the later faction, the Necrons, whose early appearance greatly resembled that of the Chaos Android. Following their initial release with the Second Edition of the game, the Chaos Androids were eventually dropped from the official canon.


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