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Chondax Campaign
Brotherhood of the Storm
Attacker White Scars, Alpha Legion
Defender Orks
Attacking Commander Primarch Jaghatai Khan, Unknown Alpha Legion Senior Officer
Defending Commander Unknown
Date 000-007.M31
Scale System-wide Campaign
Theatre Chondax System, Segmentum Solar
Strength (attackers) Bulk of White Scars' Fleet, Large Alpha Legion contingent fleet
Strength (defenders) Millions of Ork survivors of Warlord Urlakk Urruk's greenskin empire of Ullanor
Casualties (attackers) Unknown; presumably in the hundreds if not thousands
Casualties (defenders) Unknown; presumably in the millions.
Status Imperial Victory
Outcome The six worlds within the Chondax System were completely cleansed of the remnants of the Ork empire of Warlord Urlakk Urruk

The Chondax Campaign was a large xenocidal campaign conducted by the White Scars and a large contingent of Alpha Legion Legiones Astartes forces, following the triumphant Ullanor Crusade carried out during the waning days of the Great Crusade in 000.M31, and concluded successfully in 007.M31, during the early years of the Horus Heresy.


Shortly after the Triumph of Ullanor, Jhagatai Khan and his Vth Legion were next sent to the worlds of the Chondax System. The system was comprised of the planets Epihelikon, Teras, Honderal, Laerteax and Phemus IV, the furthest of the outlying worlds. The culmination of this campaign took place upon the world of Chondax, labeled Chondax Primus EX5, 776 NC-X-S by Imperial cartographers, but named "The White World" by the White Scars due to its salt-like earth. The White World was the crucible of the whole campaign, the heart of those Greenskin forces that had chosen to go to ground in the system. The Khan was ordered by the newly-promoted Warmaster Horus to hunt the remnants of the Ork empire destroyed on Ullanor, the last slivers of the Warlord Urlakk Urruk's Greenskins. The brutal campaign lasted six long standard years as the White Scars hunted the remaining Greenskin forces to extinction.

It was at Chondax that the White Scars would first learn of the outbreak of the Horus Heresy and the betrayal of Horus Lupercal. Delayed by the arrival of the fleet of the Alpha Legion, the White Scars would break-out from the Traitors' cordon and begin the long journey back to Terra in search of answers -- leaving multiple Alpha Legion warships as flaming wreckage in the bargain. The White Scars learned of the Warmaster's heresy when they established contact with Leman Russ in the aftermath of the Space Wolves' destruction of Prospero. Faced with the dilemma of aiding the weakened Space Wolves against a powerful force of Alpha Legion attackers, or returning to Terra as ordered by the Praetorian of Terra, Rogal Dorn, Jaghatai Khan choose to go to Prospero to seek out the truth of the Heresy for himself. Satisfied, he eventually did his duty and made the long journey back to Terra.


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