Cinchare is a vivid blue mineral-rich Imperial Mining World in the Segmentum Obscurus, with many clashing gravity wells, orbiting a rogue star, currently dueling with Pymbyle Minor, the system wanders between the Halo Stars on the far edge of the Imperium, suffering many devastating cosmological collisions. The only reason for any venture of man to this forsaken place is its wealth of ultra-rare metals such as ancylitum and phorydnum. The mining rights for the world officially belong to the Imperial corporation known as Allied Imperial, which supports a workforce of almost 3,000, but in such a desolate region of space there is very little to stop the infestation of rogue prospectors. Cinchare's mines were the site of a massive infestation by the alien Hrud during the late 41st Millennium, where the 1st Company of the Dark Hands Space Marines and the Imperial Guard's 39th Cadian "Xenobane" Regiment of the Cadian Shock Troops exterminated the dangerous colony of xenos.


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