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Civilised World

A Civilised World

A Civilised World, also called a Developing World, is a planet whose development has been allowed to progress over the millennia "naturally", without any specific purpose to fulfill. These worlds are generally self-sufficient in terms of food-supply and have varying manufacturing, technological and industrial capabilities. Civilised Worlds are split into geographical areas with widely varying levels of technological advancement and culture. Depending on the prevailing governments, these might be countries, states, power blocks or tribal homelands. It may be the case that higher levels of technology and wealth are concentrated around the original human colonisation sites. Other planets in this class might exhibit gross variations in culture due to environment, with areas weak in natural resources being similarly weak in terms of military power, economic muscle and so on. Some planets preserve a great divide due to ancient tribal taboos, religious notions or plain old-fashioned habit. A great many worlds of the Imperium of Man fit into this broad category, but no two are alike in the way they realize these developmental divides. By the Imperial planetological classification guidelines, a Civilised World is one that has a population from 15,000,000 all the way up to 10,000,000,000 people and pays moderately high Imperial tithes. It may have large, sprawling urban areas but none have yet reached the level of population density or self-sufficiency to be considered a true hive city. Many Civilised Worlds may be equivalent in culture and population levels to Old Earth during the Age of Progress in the early 3rd Millennium. Pleasure Worlds, Mining Worlds and some Shrine Worlds can be sub-types of a Civilised World.

Notable Civilised WorldsEdit

Planet Name Segmentum Sector Subsector System Population
Cyrene Unknown Korianis Sector Subsector Aurelia Unknown Dead (Exterminatus)
Espandor Ultima Segmentum Ultramar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gudrun Segmentum Obscurus Scarus Sector Helican Subsector Gudrun System Unknown
Jouran Unknown Unknown Unknown Jouran System Unknown
Luxor Segmentum Obscurus Gothic Sector Bhein Morr Subsector Unknown Unknown
Rhanda Segmentum Solar Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sixty-Three-Ninteen (Originally Called Terra) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tallarn Segmentum Tempestus Unknown Unknown Tallarn System Unknown
Korsk II Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


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