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BA Sternguard Vet Combi-Weapon

A Blood Angels Sternguard Veteran armed with a Combi-Melta

Combi-weapons are a variety of Space Marine, Chaos Space Marine and Ork weaponry derived from the integration of multiple different weapon types into a single weapon. There are two major types of Combi-weapons. The first combines two identical weapons into one larger weapon, giving the resulting weapon system a higher rate of fire and better accuracy by virtue of simply throwing more shells, heat beams or plasma at the target. The second type of Combi-weapon is an amalgamation of two wholly different weapons into a single casing. Only one component of the combined weapon can be fired at a time, and often the secondary weapon has very limited ammunition, enough for only one shot or short burst of fire. Such weapons augment the bearer's tactical flexibility, granting him a limited capacity to deal with threats that the main weapon would find hard or impossible to damage.

Astartes Combi-weaponsEdit

Astartes Combi-weapons are often Master Crafted Weapons and honored relics of their Chapter, venerated for their history and accomplishments and only entrusted to proven Veterans and officers.

  • Bolter-Flamer - A standard Bolter with a Flamer attached to the side, useful for close combat.
  • Bolter-Grenade Launcher - A standard Bolter with an underslung Grenade Launcher that is most useful for assaulting or defending against a large group of foes.
  • Bolter-Meltagun - A standard Bolter with a Meltagun attached to its side, used as an anti-armour weapon.
  • Bolter-Plasma Gun - A Standard Bolter with a Plasma Gun attached that is useful for a variety of tactical necessities.
  • Combi-grav - This relatively rare Combi-weapon variant incorporates a single-shot Grav-Gun, allowing the wielder a potent graviton attack when the fighting is fiercest without sacrificing the formidable wrath of the standard Bolter. The Combi-grav incorporates a standard Astartes pattern Bolter with a Grav-Gun as the secondary weapon.
  • Twin-Linked Bolter - Similar to the Storm Bolter, the Twin-Linked Bolter or Combi-Bolter is simply two standard Bolters that have been mechanically combined into a one weapon, rather than having been constructed that way in the first place like a Storm Bolter. The Combi-Bolter was much more common during the Horus Heresy era than at present in the Imperium and Chaos Space Marine Attack Bikes are still often equipped with the Combi-Bolter, though the Storm Bolter has replaced it in standard Imperial usage.

Inquisition Combi-WeaponsEdit

  • Bolter-Needle Pistol - A Bolter with a Needler integrated within it, intended to be used against creatures like daemons that are extremely difficult to injure. This Combi-weapon is used only by the Inquisitors and Acolytes of the Ordo Malleus. A variant of this Combi-weapon also serves as the primary weapon of Eversor Assassins.
  • Bolter-Stake Crossbow - A standard Bolter that has been integrated with a crossbow that fires wooden stakes. This weapon has been used by the Inquisitors and Acolytes of the Ordo Hereticus against rogue psykers.

Adepta Sororitas Combi-weaponsEdit

  • Condemnor Pattern Bolter - The Condemnor Pattern Bolter is a highly specialised Combi-weapon used almost exclusively by the operatives of the Ecclesiarchy and combines a Bolter modified for use by a normal-sized human with a single-shot crossbow armature. Though seemingly archaic in design, the crossbow element of the weapon fires a silver stake engraved with sigils of disruption that destabilises a psyker's connection to the Warp. A direct hit from the crossbow will not only deal a severe physical wound to a psyker or entity of the Warp, it will also send his power spiralling out of control in such a way that it will consume its wielder.

Ork Kombi-weaponsEdit

Meganob with Kombi Shoota-Scorcha

An Ork Meganob armed with a Shoota-Skorcha

  • Shoota-Skorcha - The Shoota/Skorcha is a Kombi-weapon that provides the user with close-range firepower from a Flamer on a secondary, undermounted barrel beneath the Shoota's primary barrel.
  • Shoota-Rokkit Launcha - The Shoota/Rokkit Launcha gives the user a single side-mounted Rokkit Launcha with a single Rokkit to use against enemy tanks and armoured vehicles.
  • Twin-Linked Shoota - The Twin-Linked Shoota is often used by Ork Warbosses. It provides greater accuracy than a standard Shoota.


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