Conquest-class cruiser

Conquest-class Star Galleon

Conquest-class Star Galleons are rare, tremendously powerful armed freighters that are rarely seen in the late 41st Millennium. It is believed that these type of vessels was first commissioned by the Emperor Himself at the dawn of the Imperium of Man for the very first Rogue Traders granted their Warrants of Trade by the Emperor's hand.


Star Galleons are thought to be treasure ships from the very dawn of the Imperium, commissioned for the very first Rogue Traders on the orders of the Emperor Himself. Whether this is true is completely unprovable, but those Star Galleons found in the Koronus Expanse are usually ancient vessels bearing design elements lost to modern shipwrights. Specialist long-range exploration vessels, capable of voyaging for years at a time, they were conceived as heavily armed hybrids of Cruiser and transport, with enough Lance firepower to defend themselves and carve apart Renegade star empires, yet also capable of safely transporting back the spoils of war by the megatonnne.

Few of these ships now exist in the Koronus Expanse in the late 41st Millennium. They are precious relics, priceless treasures from the legendary founding time of the Imperium. Only the most ancient and powerful dynasties retain such heirlooms, and they guard them jealously. Generally regarded as fragile and undergunned for their size by modern naval officers, such an appraisal misses the obvious fact that these are not warships; rather, they are tremendously powerful armed freighters.

The Conquest-class is the archetypal Star Galleon, though ten thousand standard years of variation amongst the limited number of ships still active renders the concepts of a "class" somewhat moot. Every Conquest is a uniquely glamorous and beautiful vessel, a glittering city in the stars, laden with treasures from forbidden realms and lost empires. Physically as large as most Imperial Cruisers, though not as well-armed or armoured, they are nevertheless a match for most threats that can be found in the Koronus Expanse.


  • Hull - Approximately 5.1 kilometres long, 0.7 kilometres abeam at fins.
  • Mass - Approximately 30 megatonnes.
  • Class - Conquest-class Star Galleon.
  • Crew - Approximately 65,000 crew.
  • Acceleration - 2.1 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration.


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