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The Contrador

The Contrador was an Imperial Legate-class Battle Barge that served as a capital ship in the immense warfleet of the Iron Warriors Legion, during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy in the late 30th and early 31st Millennia. At the Battle of Phall, the Contrador was commanded by the Iron Warriors warleader Erasmus Golg, who was also the commander of the Legion's 11th Company. Typical of the warships of the Iron Warriors grand fleet, the Contrador 's already formidable sensor and weapon systems were heavily enhanced over many solar decades of service. What she sacrificed in speed and manoeuverability she more than gained in raw strength, as befitting the bellicose and stoic nature of the Iron Warriors themselves. Despite her extensive modifications, the Contrador conformed to a pattern that was coming to be used throughout the war fleets of the Legiones Astartes at the time of the Battle of Phall and which would become a familiar class of Battle Barge in the coming years.

Ultimately Perturabo failed in his attempt to annihilate the entirety of the Loyalist fleet, due to the vigilance and foresight of Captain Alexis Polux, the commander of the Imperial Fists Retribution Fleet at Phall, who had kept the warships under his command at a high state of combat-readiness. Though they sustained significant damage, Captain Polux was able to launch a successful counterattack against the Iron Warriors' fleet and inflict significant damage as well as destroy or disable multiple capital ships. When the Retribution Fleet's Astropaths finally managed to make contact with Terra, they received a direct order from Rogal Dorn recalling the Retribution Fleet to Terra to prepare the defences of the Imperial Palace. Launching a bold counterstrike, the Imperial Fists drove off the embattled Traitor fleet and managed to break orbit and manoeuvre to their jump points, where they entered the Warp and made for Terra to prepare for the Traitors' coming assault upon the homeworld of Mankind. Following the Battle of Terra, it is assumed that the Contrador fled with the rest of the remaining Iron Warriors' warfleet into the Eye of Terror, where they have continued to launch attacks into the realms of the Imperium over the last ten millennia.


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