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The Corona Nox ("Crown of Night") is an artefact of the Night Lords Legion that takes the form of a crown formerly worn by the Primarch Konrad Curze.


The Corona Nox was an artefact fashioned in the form of a crown by the Night Haunter himself, forged from the adamantium core of Nostramo, his birthworld. He wore it through all his life, and when he would have screamed with insanity and terror from his haunting visions of the future, it calmed him. When he would have listened to the whispers of the warp, it deafened him. When burned with vengeance for the perveived injuries he felt that his father, the Emperor, wrought upon him, then it tasted his anger and stored it away. It's all that remained of him. Imbued with his divine essence, sealed with a perfect bloodstone. It was no mere crown. It was the captaincy of the Night Lords. Upon the day of his death, before he was murdered by the Callidus assassin M'Shen upon the world of Tsagualsa, he bequeathed the Corona Nox to his chosen heir, First Captain Zso Sahaal. This would lead the First Captain on a ten-thousand-year-long odyssey to recover the artefact, as Sahaal would have to contend with other factions such as the Eldar, the Imperium as well as other Night Lords' rivals.


  • Lord of the Night (Novel) by Simon Spurrier

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