DX-13 Aerial Drone Mines patrol the skies

The DX-13 Aerial Drone Mine is a type of Tau Drone (small, disc-shaped, semi-sentient machine) employed alongside Tau forces in an airspace denial role. Aerial Drone Mines consist of an advanced processor unit, which individually has only a basic intelligence (approximately equal to that of a small animal such as a pterasquirrel), and moves about by way of a compact anti-gravitic generator and much modified variant of Tau Jetpack. This allows the Aerial Drone Mine to hover at high altitudes where it can intercept enemy aircraft. They are primarily deployed in planetary airspaces by modified Tiger Sharks, which drop them off in mid-air. The Aerial Drone Mines can then arrange themselves in formations of six Drone Mines that hover in the sky. Aerial Drone Mines are capable of changing the altitude at which they hover using their anti-gravitic engines, allowing them to better spread themselves out. Although not fast enough to actively chase enemy aircraft, they will constantly scan the surrounding sky and use tracking information from Tau commanders on the ground in order to detect nearby aircraft. Once found, the mines will move to engage the enemy aircraft before detonating themselves a series of devastating explosions. In this way, they act as an aerial minefield, forcing enemy air forces to move into other areas covered by Tau fighters or ground defences and away from certain flight paths that need to be protected. It is of note that due to their nature as Drone Mines that float high in the sky, Aerial Drone Mines cannot be attached to other Tau units via Drone Controllers, unlike most forms of Tau Drones.

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Technical SpecificationsEdit

Serial Number: Unknown Main Armament: 1 Explosive Charge
Designation: Drone Mine
Vehicle Codename: DX-13 Aerial Drone Mine Secondary Armament:


Vehicle Type: Drone
Crew: N/A Traverse: Unknown
Weight: 1 tonne (empty) Elevation: Unknown
Length: 0.9 metres Ammunition: N/A
Width: 0.9 metres Armour Type: Nano-Crystalline Alloy, Composition Unknown to the Adeptus Mechanicus
Height: Unknown
Max Recorded Speed: Unknown
Summary: Self-aware anti-aircraft mine


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