Dark Eldar Dark Lance

The Dark Lance is a weapon of ancient provenance developed by the vile Dark Eldar in their weapons shops in the Dark City of Commorragh who constantly find ways to cheat the natural laws of physics in order to develop ever more efficient and exciting ways to kill. The Dark Lance is a lethal weapon that belongs to a group of weapons known as Darklight Weapons. The Dark Lance is comparable in its tactical role to that of a standard issue Imperial Lascannon. Its primary function is to destroy heavily armoured targets. However, the Dark Lance does not employ standard laser technology, but instead fires a stream of dark matter known to the Dark Eldar as "Darklight." The origin of this substance is unknown, although there are a number of savants who claim that it is sourced from black holes, Warp Storms and other celestial phenomena of great magnitude. This dark matter substance works by reacting catastrophically with its target, producing a blast that is more than capable of destroying any vehicle regardless of the thickness of its armour, or totally vapourising a foot soldier in an instant. Even to perceive a beam of Darklight without the correct protective lenses leaves permanent slash-scars upon the retina.


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