The Dark Tusks are a Renegade Chapter or a simple warband of Heretic Astartes apparently sworn to the service of Nurgle. The Dark Tusks served as mercenaries in the Halo Stars, often advancing the agenda of those with nefarious or Chaotic designs. Evidence suggests that the Dark Tusks are followers of Nurgle, though they were encountered by Squad Damocles of the Iron Snakes Space Marine Chapter, fighting alongside a Chaos Cult dedicated to Tzeentch, the Chaos God of Sorcery, on the world of Rosetta.

The Dark Tusks wore corroded, rotten Power Armour and smelled of putrescence, decayed flesh and disease. They also carried an array of daemon weapons and "plague weapons". Unlike the majority of Dark Tusks, the leader wore shiny, uncorroded black armour with chain looped about him. The Dark Tusks are described as so degraded in their actions that they were more like animals than men when they were cornered by a Kill-team of the Iron Snakes on Rosetta.

Chapter History

Almost nothing is known about the Dark Tusks' history beyond their time on Rosetta.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

Little is known of the Chapter's appearance save that they wear badly corroded black Power Armour.

Chapter Badge

The Dark Tusks' Chapter badge is unknown to Imperial records at this time.


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