Dataslate: Tau Firebase Support Cadre details the rules and background of a Tau Firebase Support Cadre, allowing it to be fielded in games of Warhammer 40,000. This Dataslate is a part of the Digital Advent Calendar 2013 series and is available in Mobi and ePub Format. It is compatible with Android, Kindle and iBooks devices.


Tau combat doctrine places great emphasis on defeating enemy forces using superior firepower and technological advantage. At the heart of this method of warfare are their Battlesuits; giant mechanical suits that are armed with the most powerful Tau weaponry. Foremost among these are the teriffying XV104 Riptide and XV88 Battlesuits, capable of demolishing enemy battle lines and armour in a blaze of particle beams and howling sub-munitions. Containing impressive XV104 Riptide supported by six XV88 Battlesuits , its a teriffying prospect for any opponent to face!


  • Dataslate: Tau Firebase Support Cadre (Digital Edition)

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