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A Death Dealer Daemon Engine of Khorne

The Death Dealer is a Daemon Engine used by the Forces of Chaos that is completely dedicated to the service of the Chaos God of war and bloodshed, Khorne. The Death Dealer is a massive Daemon Engine whose role on the battlefield is that of a mobile siege tower in which it carries resolute warbands of fanatical Khornate Berserkers into battle. The front of the Death Dealer is comprised of a gigantic mechanical construct that resembles a Khornate warrior and is equipped with fearsome close-combat weapons. In the centre of the construct rests a massive Gatling Cannon and behind the mechanical warrior construct is the vehicle's tower, on top of which a large cannon is mounted. It is from the rear of the tower that the Chaos warbands wait to disembark and also where the mechanisms of the outer warrior construct and the Daemon Engine's other weapons are controlled. The tower features multiple sets of Heavy Bolters for the occupants to use whilst inside.


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