The Donian Crusade was carried out by the Black Templars Space Marine Chapter beginning in 985.M39 to combat the swelling Ork population sweeping through the Donian Sector and surrounding wilderness space in the southern Segmentum Pacificus. The original Crusade Marshal, Brother Austein, was tragically killed in battle on the planet Nickel V, and was succeeded by Marshal Wernher in 988.M39. The Donian Crusade lasted for roughly 17 years before the High Marshal declared it successful in c.002.M40. Wernher went on to later become the Marshal of the Thangdorn Crusade. The figures listed here concerning the Black Templars' order of battle are estimates made at the time the Crusade gathered. There are no records of non-combat personnel such as Servitors, Apprenta, Chapter serfs, etc. The Crusade was later joined by the Strike Cruiser Apocalypton and at least 6 more rapid strike vessels. The number of Space Marines on board these vessels remains unknown.

Black Templars Estimated Order of BattleEdit

Marshal's HouseholdEdit

Fighting CompaniesEdit

Fighting Company HeinmanEdit

Fighting Company LazarusEdit

Fighting Company GotchalcusEdit

Fleet AssetsEdit


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