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"Hurl forth your holy shells upon the foe. Let them tear the enemy asunder and spill their blood! BLOOD for Lord Khorne!! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!"
—Doom Blaster Incantation of Destruction

A Doom Blaster of Khorne

The Doom Blaster is a super-heavy Daemon Engine used by the Forces of Chaos that is completely dedicated to the service of the Chaos God of war and bloodshed, Khorne. The Doom Blaster crawls forwards on heavy, clanking treads with the gaping maws of its quad-mounted Doom Mortars menacing the enemy from afar. The Doom Mortars are able to lob a thunderous carpet of shrapnel-packed shells amongst the enemy targets, tossing troops and vehicles aside with their close packed barrages until there is nothing left but bleeding remnants to be crushed beneath its heavy treads as the war machine advances. The Doom Blaster is also armed with a set of twin-linked Heavy Bolters on the front of the machine, alongside a battle scythe that can slash apart the bodies of any enemy units that get too close. The Doom Blaster, like all Khornate Daemon Engines, is also outfitted with the protective Runes of the Blood God upon its hull. These runes make the vehicle almost indestructible by way of psychic attack.



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