An Eagle Pilot is an Eldar Aspect Warrior who follows the Warrior Path of the Phoenix Lord Amon Harakht, of whom almost nothing is known. Like their fellow airborne Aspect Warriors, the Swooping Hawks, the Eagle Pilots take exultant pleasure in the arts of aerial combat. These Eldar are superb pilots of any type of Eldar aircraft or spacecraft, but especially excel in the aerial arts of war. Their skill and artistry in flight is nearly unmatched by the combat pilots of any other species, as they take to the skies in their Nightwing interceptors or Phoenix strike aircraft.

Combat DoctrineEdit

Eldar Nightwings

Eagle Pilot Aspect Warriors flying Eldar Nightwings

Eagle Pilots serve as the combat pilots of the Eldar Craftworlds, performing combat air patrols and fulfilling air superiority and ground attack support roles for Eldar military forces in the field. Eagle Pilots possess the ability to fly nearly any aircraft but they primarily fly the Eldar's Nightwing Interceptor and the Phoenix strike combat aircraft. The Nightwing interceptor is the primary fighter aircraft of the Eldar, combining a speed and manouverability that no Imperial fighter aircraft can match, with considerable firepower and the sophisticated energy field protection that is common to Eldar vehicles. The Nightwing is a variable geometry aircraft capable of altering its wing position to shift between subsonic and supersonic speeds. The Eldar Phoenix is a heavily armed strike aircraft that is intended to engage both enemy infantry and armour on the ground, while its sophisticated energy field protects it from enemy fire.

Phoenix LordEdit

The Phoenix Lord of the Eldar Eagle Pilots is Amon Karakht, a term in the Eldar Lexicon that literally translates into Low Gothic as "fighter pilot." Little else is known about this Phoenix Lord other than that he founded the Eagle Pilots Aspect.


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