Tau earthcastebuilder

A Tau Earth Caste Builder Drone

An Earth Caste Builder Drone is a type of Tau Drone (small, disc-shaped, semi-sentient machine) employed extensively alongside Tau Earth Caste teams operating in the field. Builder Drones consist of an advanced processor unit, which individually has only a basic intelligence (approximately equal to that of a small animal such as a pterasquirrel), and moves about by way of a compact anti-gravitic generator and much modified variant of Tau Jetpack. This allows the Drone to hover over the ground and skim over most obstacles. Earth Caste Builder Drones are designed specifically for the construction of Tau buildings and facilities. They are capable of performing this function as long as there is a readily available supply of building supplies and equipment, and can erect Tau structures relatively quickly for their size. They are equipped with three small arms for the manipulation of materials and tools, and also a specialised cutting torch. Earth Caste Builder Drones are also capable of repairing Tau vehicles in the field, but are completely defenceless due to their lack of offensive armaments. Earth Caste Builder Drones often operate alone, although multiple Drones can network themselves together to complete a single construction task faster than would otherwise be possible. Note that due to their independent nature, Earth Caste Builder Drones cannot be controlled by Tau Fire Caste units via a Drone Controller device. However, it is likely that they can assist Earth Caste construction teams in the field.

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Technical SpecificationsEdit

The technical specifications for this Tau unit have not been obtained or released by the Ordo Xenos.


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