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Elam Courbray, known also as "The Young Master", was the greatest warrior of the Fire Hawks Space Marine Chapter. Courbray was the Knight-Captain of the 8th Company, the Chapter's Assault Reserve, Courbray's arrogant confidence in his own prowess, and possession of the ancient Power Sword Excellus, was seen as a visible sign of his favour as the heir presumptive to the rank of Chapter Master of the Fire Hawks. During the Badab War, Elam Courbray's reckless fury grew along with his hatred for the Secessionists, and he was the only Fire Hawks Captain who survived to see the conflict's conclusion.


Knight-Captain Elam Courbray was the greatest warrior of the Fire Hawks Chapter. An extraordinarily skilled fighter, in combat his reactions were incredibly swift, even for a Space Marine. He proved himself as a formidable battle-leader, able to inspire those under his command to heights of excellence and righteous fury. His talents in battle quickly earned him the right and title to command the Fire Hawks' 8th Assault Reserve Company, which suited the young captain well, as he had little taste for any tactics other than direct assault. Courbray's arrogant self-confidence in his own abilities and bellicose attitude (deemed unseemly by other Chapters) was not only respected within the prideful Fire Hawks Chapter, but seen as his right by mastery of arms. As a further mark of his favour, and a visible sign that he was the heir presumptive to the rank of Chapter Master, he was the bearer of the ancient Power Sword Excellus. This archaic artefact was a weapon of unusual design, and when activated its blade was shrouded in white-hot plasma; a well-placed blow from Excellus could shear through the strongest of of armours or burn its victims to cinders.

As the Badab War progressed, so too did Elam Courbray's reckless fury and his hatred for the Secessionists. While his Chapter suffered terrible losses at the hands of the Tyrant of Badab's forces, Courbray was the only Fire Hawks Captain who survived (along with his bitter-hearted Chapter Master, Stibor Lazaerek), to see its conclusion and wreak a savage vengeance on those that had defied them.



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