Emperor's Shadows Marine

Emperor's Shadows Chapter Colour Scheme

The Emperor's Shadows is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter that is a Second Founding Successor Chapter of the Iron Hands. The Emperor's Shadows field many Dreadnoughts and prefer any weapon that projects bolts or slugs over directed energy weapons.

Chapter AppearanceEdit

Chapter ColoursEdit

The Emperor's Shadows' Power Armour colour scheme is loosely based off of that of the Black Templars, with contrasting details in red and turquoise. Many Chapter historical references are subtly incorporated into the Chapter's squad iconography.

Chapter BadgeEdit

The Emperor's Shadows' Chapter badge is stenciled onto a white leather papyrus material -- a black bonsai tree silhouette with a red rising sun behind it, surrounded by Japanese Kanji characters. This leather is strapped over a field of turquoise, secured by small cords.


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