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An Enhanced Data-Tether is an arcane device utilised by the warriors of the Adeptus Mechanicus' Skitarii Legions. Those honoured with carrying an Enhanced Data-Tether are obeyed without hesitation by their reverent Skitarii comrades; they are seen as mouthpieces of the Tech-Priests, who in turn are prophets of the Machine God himself. When a unit of Skitarii with an Enhanced Data-Tether receives an order from above, they are filled with such conviction that not even the foulest of horrors can drive them back.

Broad Spectrum Data-TetherEdit

A vehicle-mounted version of the Enhanced Data-Tethers carried by veteran Skitarii, a Broad Spectrum Data-Tether projects a Tech-Priest's binaric blurts with such clarity that it seems as if he is amongst the ranks of the Skitarii himself. Imperatives delivered via Broad Spectrum Data-Tethers are more potent and reliable than any other.


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