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"The Emperor of Mankind is the Light and the Way, and all his actions are for the benefit of mankind, which is his people. The Emperor is God and God is the Emperor, so it is taught in the Lectitio Divinitatus, and above all things, the Emperor will protect..."
— Living Saint Euphrati Keeler
Euphrati Keeler

Euphrati Keeler -- using her faith in the Emperor to banish the daemons from the library aboard the Vengeful Spirit

Euphrati Keeler was a Remembrancer during the Great Crusade, and more specifically an Imagist (photographer). Keeler escaped the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet and Horus' slaughter of all the other Remembrancers present on the Battle Barge Vengeful Spirit with Mersadie Oliton and the Iterator Kyril Sindermann aboard the Imperial frigate Eisenstein that was commanded by the Loyalist Death Guard Battle Captain Nathaniel Garro. Keeler and the others had only escaped the Vengeful Spirit with the help of the Luna Wolves Captain Iacton Qruze. Keeler became an avid proponent of the Lectitio Divinitatus, the forerunner to the Imperial Cult that held the Emperor of Mankind to be a God. Her faith in the Emperor would prove to be so absolute that it would provide psychic protection against the powers of daemons summoned from the Warp, and Keeler would go on to become one of the earliest Saints recognised by the Imperial Creed. After she arrived on Luna, she was taken into custody by the Silent Sisterhood and interrogated by them within their base of operations known as the Somnus Citadel on Luna. Her fate after the Horus Heresy is currently unknown in Imperial Records.


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