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Fabricator Claw Array

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Canoptek Spyder

A Canoptek Spyder outfitted with a Fabricator Claw Array

A Fabricator Claw Array is a Necron collection of energy tools primarily used by Canoptek Spyders to effect repairs and fabricate components on the fly for nearby Necron vehicles, usually by repairing engine drives and weapons that have been disabled during battle, although greater repair tasks can be performed if the Canoptek Spyder is given sufficient time. Canoptek Spyders also use their Fabricator Claw Array to repair just about anything else their Necron masters direct them too, including the repair of other Necrons on the battlefield when necessary. However, a Fabricator Claw Array also makes for a powerful close combat weapon when utilised by a Canoptek Spyder.


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