Falchion-class Frigate

Falchion-class Frigate

The Falchion-class Frigate is a newer class of Escort vessel utilised by the Imperial Navy within the Calixis Sector.


The Falchion is considered a new class, having only been first laid down in 261.M41. Given the Imperial Navy's deference towards the truly ancient ships in its arsenal, the class (given its mere 550 standard years of service) is regarded as an untried and untested pretender to the throne of more established ships like the venerable Sword-class Frigate. As such, it has engendered some undisguised and unfair hostility from the more hidebound and traditional sections of the Battlefleet Calixis officer class. This is a pity, for the Falchion, like all warships produced in the orbital shipyards of the Forge World of Voss, is a thoroughly well-constructed and innovative design. It is more flexible than many frigates, having, unusually, the capacity to carry torpedoes. This has led to the class being used in a more aggressive capacity than perhaps suits it, more reactionary officers tending to treat it as an upgunned heavy destroyer. This ignores its abilities as an escort vessel for larger craft, its original purpose.

Battlefleet Calixis currently has only one squadron of these ships, the three-vessel Broadsword Squadron patrolling a long loop around the Scintilla/Iocanthus/Sepheris Secundus triangular trade route. There is, however, talk of diverting the squadron to conduct long-range scouting patrols into the Halo Stars. Rogue Traders, being freethinking innovators, are less likely to adopt the Navy's unsympathetic approach to the new class, and it is not surprising that some Falchions have already been sighted within the Koronus Expanse.


  • Hull - Escort
  • Class - Falchion-class Frigate
  • Dimensions - Approximately 1.4 kilometres long, 0.3 kilometres wide.
  • Mass - Approximately 5.9 megatonnes.
  • Crew - Approximately 21,000 crew
  • Acceleration - 4.6 gravities max sustainable acceleration.


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