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Tex | Chaos Space Marines [Chaos Sorcerer] vs Dark Riku | Space Marines [Force Commander]

An assault on an Adeptus Astartes recruiting world is madness. Defended by legions of initiates as well as grizzled veteran instructors, any force hoping to gain a foothold must be ready for war. But what if the war has already begun?

Boreas II, the oldest recruiting world of a 10th founding Imperial Fists successor chapter. Its harsh desert environment breeds hardy recruits, and many famed marines as well as the Chapter Master himself hail from the planet. Initiates are plucked from the local warrior tribes, with the technology of the Imperium purposefully kept from the indigenous people to breed their brutal warfare. They fight hard so that the legendary "Angels of Death" will come and make them gods of war. The truth, is not far off.

Tzeentch has his plans for this place, whispered to his followers in Warp-fueled visions. For decades now, agents of Chaos have been planting seeds of taint within the unregulated warrior tribes of Boreas II. Incantations are taught to the brightest of the fighters, filling them with warp power so as to ensure they are taken as initiates. With no Librarians stationed on Boreas II, the taint is impossible to detect. The corrupted initiates soon begin to become full battle-brothers, and Tzeentch sleeper agent marines begin to infiltrate every part of the chapter.

An infamous and ancient sorcerer, said to hold memories of the Horus Heresy itself, presides over the grand plan, pulling the strings from his sanctuary in the Empyrean. The outcome? To fully take control of an Adpetus Astartes recruiting world, and strike the Imperium from within. The threads of fate begin to align and the final act begins, until the Sorcerer detects a disturbance.

The Chapter Master himself, along with his legendary 1st company, cruises in their Battlebarge nearby. The Chapter Master's right hand, his Chief Librarian, has a vision of impending doom on Boreas II. Not doubting his Librarian's vision for a second, the Chapter Master readies his Honor Guard marines and retinue of Terminators and heads to Boreas II as the rest of 1st company move to secure the sector from external threats.

It is the Sorcerer's first mistake, underestimating the power of the Chief Librarian to detect the taint. The favoured of Tzeentch sees a trillion possible outcomes in a nanosecond, and knows that he must enter the material world for the first time in millenia to personally secure the plan. A warp storm is conjured by the Sorcerer as the Chapter Master makes planetfall, confirming the Chief Librarian's suspicions and bringing about rapid warp mutations in the sleeper agents on the surface.

Chaos Space Marines and daemons greet the Honor Guard, and conflict erupts as the elite loyalist forces shed blood, following the Chief Librarian's guiding warp-sight. The Chapter Master is a whirlind of destruction as entire squads of mutated marines fall to his hand in combat. Backed up by veteran Assault Squads and peerless Terminators, the Space Marines make good progress towards the source of the taint. As they get closer, the Chief Librarian suddenly keels over in pain holding his head, before his eyes explode out of their sockets. Not even a Chief Librarian of the Adeptus Astartes can win a mind war with an ageless Sorcerer of Tzeentch.

Filled with rage, and knowing the Sorcerer would be weakened from the mind war, the Chapter Master presses on. Soon, the loyalists freeze as a cacophony of bellowed laughter and screams fill the air, followed by gargantuan footsteps in the distance. The Chapter Master adjusts the sensory array within his blessed helmet, and the looming shape of a Great Unclean One can be seen walking towards them. Summoned by the weakened Sorcerer, the titanic daemon has been promised much flesh to corrupt.

The Chapter Master and his legendary battle-brothers do not take a single step back. Filled with righteous anger from the Chief Librarian's demise, and with the harsh desert wind lashing at their sacred power armour, they shall not be found wanting.

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