Fist of Dorn IF Artefact

The Imperial Fists Chapter's potent relic weapon, the Fist of Dorn

The Fist of Dorn is a relic weapon in the form of a massive master-crafted Thunder Hammer traditionally carried by the Space Marine officer who serves as the Captain of the elite 1st Company of the Imperial Fists Chapter. The weapon is shaped to resemble a gauntleted fist that is holding each end of the warhammer's head. It is currently carried into battle by Captain Darnath Lysander, who received it from his predecessor Kleitus when the latter was killed in a teleportation accident during the siege of Haddrake Tor. The arcane technologies built into the Fist of Dorn allows it to strike with far more powerful blows than those of a standard Thunder Hammer, and the weapon was designed to be most effective when used to assault heavily armoured vehicles and fortifications.


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