Frag 'Nade

A Frag Grenade

A Frag Grenade is an anti-personnel grenade commonly used by the military forces of the Imperium of Man. It produces a blast of shrapnel that can shred unarmoured troops. The blast has the tactical advantage of forcing the enemy to duck into cover to avoid damage. In effect, the blast of a Frag Grenade neutralises any movement advantage held by an opposing force by pinning them to their position. The grenade can be either thrown or fired at range with a Grenade Launcher. Most units in the Imperial armed forces, including both the troops of the Imperial Guard and the Adeptus Astartes, can be armed with them and many other armies make use of weapons having the same general effect.

Frag Grenades are very simple in design and effect, consisting of a central explosive core with a fuse inserted, wrapped around with metallic or ceramic bands, and further covered by a ceramic sheathing designed to fragment into lethal shards. Upon detonation, irregular chunks of the sheathing and bands are propelled at high velocity into the nearby surrounding area. Often, the normal time delay fuse is removed in favor of a more sophisticated movement-sensitive detonator for use as a booby trap. They are cheap and require only a very low minimum tech base to manufacture, and are standard throughout all the forces of the Imperium. Frag Grenades are roughly the size of a clenched fist and covered with a notched shell to both create more shrapnel upon detonation and to provide a secure throwing grip.

The Frag Grenade's oft-encountered counterpart is the Krak Grenade, which explodes or implodes in a very concentrated area, allowing it to serve as an anti-vehicle weapon capable of cracking open vehicle armour upon detonation.


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