A Hammerhead gunship armed with twin-linked Fusion Cannons as its primary turret weapon

A Fusion Cannon is a Tau version of a Melta Weapon, and fires blasts of energy produced by a nuclear fusion reaction which can reduce even the most heavily armoured vehicles or fortifications to slag in the blink of an eye. The Fusion Cannon is essentially a larger version of a Battlesuit-mounted Fusion Blaster. The Fusion Cannon has an extended range compared to a Fusion Blaster, and a larger blast radius that allows its fire to destroy closely packed groups of enemy vehicles and heavy infantry. Hammerhead gunships are the only Tau unit armed with Fusion Cannons, as they can be mounted as a twin-linked primary turret weapon system in place of a more common Railgun or Ion Cannon.

The Fusion Cannon was first encountered by the armed forces of the Imperium of Man during the Taros Campaign, where Imperial tacticians believe the weapons were being field-tested for the first time by the Tau Fire Caste.


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