A Fusion Collider


A Fusion Collider mounted on the arm of an XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit

A Fusion Collider is a form of Tau Melta Weapon currently only deployed on XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuits. The Fusion Collider employs sub-atomic particle agitation to superheat the physical matter of its targets in a small area of effect, vaporising living creatures and turning armoured vehicles into molten slag. It has been developed to fire completely silently, making it a perfect accompanying weapon for the stealth-oriented XV95. Fitted with power dispersal exchanges, this weapon can fire a searing blaze of energy capable of destroying the most heavily armoured foe without risking detection by enemy imaging. The Fusion Collider's comparatively short range is seen as little impediment by an XV95 Ghostkeel's Shas'vre pilot, for the Battlesuit has been specifically engineered to enter close range without harm -- frequently without even being detected at all. Often the first sign of a Ghostkeel's presence is the mushroom cloud explosion of a choice target detonating from within, flames rippling across the XV95's stealth field as it withdraws into the gloom once more.


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