Tyranid Gargoyle

Tyranid Gargoyles

Gargoyles are vicious winged Tyranid bioforms that are often the first species of Tyranid swarms seen in battle. Their prime purpose seems to be seeking out the enemy and sowing terror and confusion amongst them. Thus, fire and the flap of the Gargoyles membranous wings precede the Tyranid hordes, driving the enemy out into the open to be absorbed by the swarm. Adding to the terror is the high-pitched scream emitted before they release a ball of bio-plasma from their mouth. Gargoyles physically resemble Termagants, as they are derived from the Gaunt genus of Tyranid bioform. They have wide, leathery wings, raking claws and barbed tails. Though they have six limbs, the lower pair have atrophied to little more than stumps. Due to their small stature, a Gargoyle can only fly so far and relies on the Harridan Bio-Titan for especially long flights.

While they are built for ranged combat, Gargoyles are not helpless in close quarters melee. They are capable of spitting a toxic fluid, which they aim at the eyes of their opponents in order to blind them. Additionally, a quirk in their behaviour drives them to seek out ventilation shafts and other small entrances to any structures or other habitations that their swarm is assaulting. Despite their wings, they have little trouble crawling into these spaces and entering a fortress, where they wildly lash out with their claws and barbed tails as they attempt to escape; many Imperial Guardsmen have found out just how dangerous a Gargoyle can be in an enclosed space in this way.


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