The Germinatoris is a Chaos Space Marine warband dedicated to the Plague God Nurgle. The warband is composed of Plague Marines who prowl battlefields across the galaxy in order to grotesquely plunder the gene-seed of dead Chaos Space Marines. Once the gene-seed is within their grasp, the Germinatoris infect it with the viscous fluids that ooze from their rotting innards, in order to ensure the propagation of Nurgle's putrefying influence through the most potent of the Forces of Chaos.

Warband AppearanceEdit

Warband ColoursEdit

The Germinatoris' warband colours are not listed in current Imperial records. It is assumed that as a warband pledged to serve the Plague God, their armour most likely appears decayed and cracked, the plates of Ceramite discoloured in sickly greens and browns.

Warband BadgeEdit

The Germinatoris' warband badge is unknown to Imperial records at this time.


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