"Where thy blade falls, let thy will be done."
— Unknown Battle-Brother, Blood Angels Chapter
BA Glaive Encarmine

Glaive Encarmine

Glaives Encarmine are broad two-handed Power Weapons wielded by the Blood Angel's Sanguinary Guard and by the Angel of Vengeance, the Sanguinor. Each Glaive Encarmine is a Chapter relic in its own right, with some of these venerable weapons having been in service since before the Horus Heresy; wielded by Azkaellon's Sanguinary Guard during the Great Crusade whilst fighting alongside their Primarch, Sanguinius.


Crafted long ago using forgotten methods and techniques, few weapons in the Blood Angels armouries approach the elegance and mastery of manufacture embodied in a Glaive Encarmine. Forged from an alloy known only as "Angelsteel," whose secrets are known only to the artificers of the Blood Angels, these blades never scratch, warp or break, no matter what violence they are subjected to. The Glaives Encarmine take a variety of forms, though the majority are either long-bladed swords or heavy axes. In battle, a skilled Battle-Brother can wield such a weapon as easily as he might a Combat Knife, sweeping it back and forth in swift, graceful arcs of death and taking a life with each effortless blow.


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