A Hades Autocannon

The Hades Autocannon, also known as the Hades Pattern Autocannon, is a six-barrelled, rapid-firing Autocannon variant that is used by the Forces of Chaos. The Hades Autocannon is most commonly found on large Daemon Engines, specifically the Heldrake and the Forgefiend, as the weapon is far too large for most smaller vehicles to carry and operate to its full capacity. The weapon possess six barrels and can sustain a high rate of fire. The Hades Autocannon's fire is powerful enough to tear through massed infantry and well-armoured targets with ease. Hades Pattern Autocannons also have increased power per shot compared to the standard Imperial Autocannon. It is a weapon that the Imperium of Man has come to fear just as much as the hideous creatures that wield it.


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