A Hades Breaching Drill that was used during the Siege of Vraks

The Hades Breaching Drill is a piece of industrial equipment that has been used for both civilian and military purposes by the Imperium of Man. The Hades drill is normally used on Imperial Mining Worlds to help miners dig new mining tunnels to find deposits of strategic ores and remove rubble and debris, but there have been several occasions where the Hades has been pressed into military service with the Imperial Guard. When the Hades is used in a military role it is usually during a prolonged siege, where it serves as a breaching drill that can break into a bunker or through the wall of an enemy fortification. The Hades Drill is equipped with a forward-firing Melta-Cutter that can turn rock and metal into molten slag in seconds. Its massive drilling blades are tipped with Diamantine and can easily cut through most materials, be it rock, metal, or even flesh.


A Hades Breaching Drill sitting in an underground tunnel

While the Hades is normally used for mining, when it is deployed as a siege weapon it can not only be used as a breaching drill but also to attack the enemy from underground. During a prolonged siege, the engineers of the Imperial Guard may spend weeks or even months digging tunnels and saps towards and around the enemy lines. The Hades will be used to quickly breach the last few yards until it hits the surface, where engineers and other specialised units will come through the breach and attack the enemy. While the Hades Drill is on the surface it is not completely useless in combat, as its Melta-Cutter and drill blades are capable of ripping apart enemy structures and even tanks. The Hades can even be turned on enemy infantry and used as a makeshift tank in dire circumstances.


The Hades Breaching Drill is not armed with any true weapons, nor was it ever meant to see actual combat, but the needs of the Imperium demand that it be used when needed, even during war. The Hades' forward firing Melta-Cutter functions the same way as any Melta Weapon and can be used to melt armour and structures into piles of liquid slag. The Hades' massive drill blades can penetrate through almost any material and are perfect for destroying structures and walls. The inside of the Hades consists of a conveyor belt to move the rubble and debris away from the area the vehicle is trying to cut through.

Known Users of the HadesEdit

  • Imperial Mining Worlds - On Imperial Mining Worlds, the Hades Breaching Drill is a standard piece of equipment for all Imperial mining operations.
  • Imperial Guard Siege Regiments - The siege regiments of the Imperial Guard have found an alternative use for the Hades Breaching Drill during sieges against fortified enemy emplacements.
  • The Death Korps of Krieg - The regiments of the Imperial Guard's Death Korps of Krieg used Hades Breaching Drills during the Siege of Vraks to get behind enemy lines, attack supply routes and sabotage enemy vehicles.

Other Known Subterranean VehiclesEdit


An Imperial Termite

Mole Mortar 1

An Imperial Mole


An Imperial Hellbore transport and its carrier

Imperial military forces utilise a number of tunnelling troop transports of the type known collectively as tunnellers or miners. These mining machines tunnel their way underground while the battle rages above, bypassing enemy troops and fortifications and emerging behind enemy lines. Tunnellers can move over the surface as well as underground, but as they only travel slowly overland it is usual to transport them to battlefields on huge tracked transporter vehicles. Imperial military forces appreciate the value of tunnellers as assault vehicles for overcoming both surface defences and subterranean strongholds, using them in large numbers. Many of the tunneling vehicles used by the Imperium were obtained as part of the mutual exchange of materials and technologies between the Squat homeworlds and the Imperium in the years of the Great Crusade in the late 30th Millennium. The following are the most common tunnellers utilised by Imperial forces:

  • Termite - The Termite is used by the Adeptus Mechanicus as a subterranean transport vehicle. The Termite is the smallest of the tunnellers. It carries two squads of Imperial Guard troops and the various Termites are organised into squadrons for tactical purposes. Termite squadrons all use the same tunnel, each following behind the other and branching to the surface only at the last moment. The Termite, the Mole and the Hellbore use a phase-field generator to burrow through the ground, whereas the Hades Breaching Drill uses a more "brute-force" approach that applies physical drills.
  • Mole - The Mole is used by the Adeptus Mechanicus as a subterranean transport vehicle, and is the intermediate sized tunneller, carrying a single platoon of Imperial Guard tactical troops. All Moles carry special communications equipment which allows them to relay orders to the troops they carry.
  • Hellbore - The Hellbore is the largest of the tunnelling troop transports utilised by the Adeptus Mechanicus known collectively as tunnellers or miners.

Also SeeEdit


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